iOS Application For a German Aluminium Producer

How developing an application with real-time updates of non-ferrous metal prices, company news, events, and podcasts allowed a manufacturing enterprise to enhance and streamline communication with their customers.


It was required to provide iOS software which would allow:

  • Watching the prices for metals mad by TRIMET in real time (aluminum, copper, etc.);
  • Watching changes in the market of metals for a certain period (1,3,6 months);
  • Learning TRIMET news;
  • Having reference information about TRIMET group companies;
  • Having fast access to reference information of this subject.


We have developed a software package which allows watching the market of non-ferrous metals, informing the clients on news of the company and providing reference information with the help of iPhone or iPad. Ability to obtain actual data helps to save time of clients on search and the analysis of the prices in the market of non-ferrous metals.


  • Titanium Mobile Framework
  • Cocoa ToucH API, ULKit framework
  • WordPress CMS

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