E-Learning Teen-Targeted Platform For an EdTech Startup

How optimizing an educational teen-targeted app, that presents information in the form of songs, helped an edtech startup succeed at a new niche and expand their customer base by 36%.

About the Project

We participated in the development of the mobile educational application (on iOS and Android platforms).

The unique aspect of this educational application is the approach to presenting information. Teenagers are the target audience for the app. To learn about school subjects, information is presented using rap on the background of well-known modern music. The application contains more than 800 tracks on 45 subjects.

We did not code the app from scratch. Our task was to fix or add some modules.


The customer asked us to work on both iOS and Android platforms. The main tasks were to:

  • Create the possibility of a premium subscription;
  • Establish different subscription plans;
  • Determine the procedure for assigning homework by the teacher;
  • Provide a combination of tracks and tests in the homework;
  • Automate the completion of tests, as well as provide an opportunity to mark the tests as completed;
  • Work with the display (add the ability to view a full-screen video).


Our mobile developers (iOS and Android), UI/UX designers and a project manager worked on the project. Developers from the customer also participated.

In addition to performing the tasks that the client assigned us, our developers made a number of changes to optimize the work of the app.

This primarily concerned the iOS version. According to our developers, the previous code was written very poorly. Our team insisted on the optimization of the code in order to improve the quality of the application. After several sprints, the customer agreed with us. We optimized the code, and, as a result, the application began to work in a more stable and faster manner. In addition, the release was made earlier, which pleased our customer.

Key features

More than 800 tracks on 45 school subjects

A teacher can assign homework, and also test the student to check the assimilation of the material

The ability to choose different subscription plans


  • Google InApp Billing

  • Firebase

  • Dagger

  • RxJava

  • RxBinding

  • Retrofit

  • Social networks SDKs

  • Social SDKs

  • AVFoundation

  • AVKit

  • StoreKit

  • Firebase

  • QuartzCore

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