IOS Application For Online Ticket Sale in the US

How building a mobile app for ticket sales allowed the US retail company to increase its user base by 56%.


The task was to create a mobile application for ticket sales. The challenge of this project was to develop a graphic imaging of a map and a scheme of a stadium or hall to give a spectator a chance to select the desired seat. In addition to this, the task was complicated by the need to fit a large amount of information in graphical form on the small screen of mobile devices.


Our Xamarin developers created a mobile application for iOS devices. The complexity problem was solved by using SvgKit library, which made the task a little easier and accelerated the development process. This solution also made it possible to develop the application compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Key features

With this online marketplace you can:

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See every ticket available in your price range

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Make an offer and get an instant answer

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See the best deals in the building, due to our interactive maps

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Spend less, go out more: the customers save an average of 33%

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Get the best seats for the greatest events at unpublished prices due to close cooperation of the platform with the biggest names in sports and entertainment

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Buy tickets days, weeks, even months in advance

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Never miss a great event: get alerts about upcoming live events within your range of interests

Technologies Used

  • Xamarin.iOS

  • .Net

  • UIKit

  • Xcode





  • SimpleInjector

  • Refit

  • Xamarin binding

  • Monotouch.Dialog

  • Facebook SDK

  • Card.IO

  • Akavache

  • MVVMCross binding

  • Spreedly

  • ApplePay

  • NUnit

  • PLCMock

  • SvgKit

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