Shopping guide app

This app offers the following features:

  • browse through e-catalogs of the products
  • track seasonal and weekly offers, as well as the company’s current sales
  • fill a shopping list by adding items from the catalog or by creating custom entries
  • create a shopping list using voice (for android device owners)
  • make shopping lists through the web portal at home and send them to mobile devices
  • view a list of all store locations and easily find the nearest one on the integrated map


Our client had two different applications for iOS and Android platforms, as presented in AppStore and GooglePlay, respectively. The decision was made to significantly extend their functionality and to release a new version of the app for iOS and Android, and to create a version compatible with Windows Phone.


With Xamarin we were able to use existing layouts and resources for UI. We could focus exclusively on how to implement the app’s functionality in the best way possible. The aim was to meet tight deadlines and stay within the prescribed budget. As a result, the new version of the application was made for both iOS and Android platforms. Thus, the customer’s desire was fulfilled. Now we’re working on the user interface for the Windows Phone platform, and the logic has been already implemented.


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