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Using AltBeacon protocol, we’ve solved the problem of beacon detection. AltBeacon’s default settings (RSSI, scanning period) were changed to detect the beacon properly.
We also developed a complex UI component, which has one of the main features – video playing. Added custom logic using proxy server on mobile device to solve the problem of caching video data. We made wrapper over MediaPlayer to have flexible settings of video playing.
To solve the problem of Data synchronization, we added custom logic using GcmNetworkManager. It is powerful API for executing background tasks with specific schedule. We have a big count of markers which we should view on the map when using some sorting rules. To solve this problem, we added custom filters for sorting and showing markers on the map.

Key features

find participating vendors near your location

receive secret offers & exclusive offers when you visit your favorite spots

get notified of new info & deals right when you walk in

earn loyalty points as you spend time inside a business


Facebook SDK
Low Energy
Google Maps
Material Design
(custom wigdets)

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