Software Modernization For a Canadian Machinery Manufacturer

How redesigning and enriching their existing app with new features armed a machinery manufacturer with a leading-edge mining equipment monitoring system, allowed them to spot maintenance issues on average three months earlier than they used to and decrease machines upkeep costs by 23%.


The company needed a modern and an easy-to-use application to execute tests and to monitor condition of mining equipment – vibrating screens for segmentation of friable material by particle size.
Thus, the following tasks were set for *instinctools team:

  • Existing application code refactoring;
  • Full redesign of the application;
  • New test mode development and integration.


To meet the tight deadline and client’s needs, we chose Kanban approach for Agile application development, which implies full transparency of working processes and real time discussion of production.

The Spring Framework with C library was used for application implementation on Java.

Key features

Final result from good teamwork exceeded all customer’s expectations.
The client received a fully renewed application with the following features:

  • Impact mode — testing of vibrating screen elements from exposure to them at rest;

  • Orbit mode — testing of vibrating screen elements at work;

  • Reports generation with cloud storage;

  • New application design with user-friendly interface;

  • Application management system.


Data for research

In addition to usability and two modes of testing the app provides information about the condition of machines owned by the company and company’s clients in order to conduct further research.

Cost saving

Real time monitoring of vibrating screen at work cuts costs on maintenance and shortens wait time in case of unexpected vehicle breakdown.

Further improvement

All data and research conducted through this application will help the company improve other products.


Spring Framework

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