The challenge that the customer set up for *instinctools team was directly connected with their product – a special application.

This application is an innovating learning management system that is responsible for tracking the learning for two major verticals:

  • Compliance for Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • Workforce Development for people who are looking to either re-train or upskill to get jobs

*instinctools team was to build a front end interface using existing client’s APIs. It had to meet the following conditions:

  • to fill some gaps of the product;
  • to be related to administrative and super-administrative functionality.

The micro-app was meant to be used by the customer’s internal Customer Success team. The client was looking for *instinctools team both to design and develop this micro-app.


The project was implemented based on React and Redux.


Frontend developers took part in the project on behalf of *instinctools team. To succeed in the process we communicated directly with client’s Back End team. The teams kept in touch daily, discussing all the questions quickly and effectively. Having productive communication our developers successfully implemented the frontend part of the app based on the existing client’s API.

Key features


  • Network Edit Form (UI)
  • Network List/Table (UI)
  • Integration with API


  • Completion Edit Form (UI)
  • Completion List/Table (UI)
  • Integration with API

Offline Products

  • Product Edit Form (UI)
  • Product List/Table (UI)
  • Integration with API


  • Certificate Edit Form (UI)
  • Certificate List/Table (UI)
  • Integration with API

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