Online Business Assistant For an Investment Holding

How rolling out an intuitive online assistant backed up with up-to-the-minute data brought an investment company a 37% growth of their customer pool and helped thousands of users unlock their business development capabilities.

About the project

Genome Ventures came to *instinctools being in need of a project called Online Business Assistant — a business tool, which collects data about one city or region and performs different kind of information (for example economic or demographic situation) to the user according to their request. It is aimed to help future entrepreneurs to quickly orient in business environment and buyers potentials in any area.


Main goal of the project was to create a user-friendly platform which would analyse input data on some sphere of interest (economic, social, commercial, demographic situation, etc.) and return a result giving user a clear understanding of situation in specific area.

Due to this, application’s work included the following processes:

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Comprehensive database: the app collected data by specific criteria from open and close resources.

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Building analytics in various profiles in terms of existing database.

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Integrating user-friendly interface with rapid output of the information requested.


Our team successfully coped with all tasks set and did their best to meet customer’s expectations. As a result we’ve got an application which could analyse users’ requests and show information useful for future entrepreneurs and small-medium businesses, who want to create or improve their business possibilities.

Key features

The app gives a user a wide choice of needed parameters, which can be useful to analyse current business environment in some area.

Analyzed information is performed in simple and understandable for user way.

The database is constantly updated from open and close resources, so the app reveals only relevant information.



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