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Onward Web Development

Large-scale server systems

MVP (Minimal Viable Product)


Advantages of Go


We develop in Go in such a way to make our language clear not only for a person but also for a machine. There are no disputed points, but there are a lot of optimizations: the programmer is protected against errors by eliminating implicit type coercions mechanism, while the ease and cheapness of streams are provided by a mechanism for parallel programming.


Go is fast & comfortable in use.


Built-in parallel programming features allow for using the fulll power of multiprocessing systems available today.

Peculiarities of Go

Peculiarities of Go
  • simple and intuitive syntax

  • rich standard library

  • availability of C and C ++ libraries

  • open source

  • automatic memory management with a garbage collection


  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Etcd

  • Hugo

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