Configuration Editor For a German Smart Home Appliances App

How honing the user experience of a digitally assisted cooking web app helped a client reduce employee manual work by 18% and ramp up the number of new users by 23% in just two months after the updated version rollout.


It’s amazing how things which once seemed impossible or fairy-tale, can be put into practice thanks to unique technological solutions.

Slavic folklore has a mythical image of a magical tablecloth which provides a number of delicious dishes with no effort on your part. Too good to become true? Our customer didn’t think so and made an induction hob system which is quite magical and definitely stands out among other ones. The three-piece system (a cooktop, a gourmet sensor and an app) automatically reads the properties of your food, optimally sets heat and cooking time, and notifies you whenever you need to add ingredients. The abovementioned interactive application smoothly guides you through the whole process of cooking.

Within this application, there’s a configuration file that includes all the recipes, pictures/videos, settings, etc. In other words, it contains the answers to the questions like what to show on the screen and at what stage, when to switch to the next step, is it possible to replace some ingredients with alternative options, and many others. The problem, though, was that all the modifications and adjustments to this file used to be made manually. That might be a dealbreaker for the overall project, as it caused quite a lot of troubles from wasting time on something that could be done more efficiently to involving too many people into the process which resulted in confusions and misunderstandings. Thus, the customer wanted this file to take the shape of a decent, manageable user interface: crystal clear to any user.


  • editing a big volume of data in a single form
  • consolidating all the data and shaping it into a concise UI
  • developing the possibility to set different languages


Within the project, *instinctools team has developed a unique configuration editor for smart home appliances which allows to adjust all the necessary settings in a user-friendly way.

The customer gave us a complete freedom in choosing the instruments for the development. The only criterion of effectiveness was the result. Such an approach definitely helped the team to unlock their potential and make the product which by far exceeded the customer’s expectations.


We’ve created a nice and simple solution. But “simple” doesn’t mean basic. It means elegant. It hides pretty massive work on integration of fragmented data.

Andrei Shabalin Front-End Developer

Key Features

  • easy-to-use, human-centered UI
  • internationalism
  • multilingualism


Our customer has made a revolution in digital cooking. We helped it to expand.

By structuring the data and wrapping it into an understandable user interface, we significantly cut down on time and effort used to be spent while working with the configuration file.

Moreover, the implementation of multilingualism facilitated the process of bringing the customer’s product to the markets of different regions.

The ultimate goal of making the cutting-edge technology available to everyone was successfully achieved.



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