What can *instinctools do for business
processes in your selling business?

Update and replace whole­salers’ legacy Enterprise Resource Planning systems

A lot of wholesale and retail operators still rely on legacy ERP systems, created at the end of the 20th century, to manage processes and logistics. Our software engineers will replace and update these legacy systems with custom software solutions particularly designed to keep your business ahead of the competition

Inventory management

We develop custom inventory management software solutions which keep your inventory up-to-date. You'll clearly see what’s coming in and going out with real-time stock reports and multi-warehouse inventory tracking and avoid the costly errors of both overstock and backorders

Order management

We help you streamline the sales and fulfillment process with the power to efficiently create and revise retail client orders, leverage buyer history to upsell and cross-sell relevant products to existing clients, and quickly process and track orders

Employee management

From recruiting to corporate training, our custom software solutions optimize the people processes and ensure as well the efficient and effective onboarding and coordination across the board

Vendor and client management

A custom CRM for wholesale distributors allows organizations to keep every vendor’s and client’s data, history, and contact info in one place, as well as integrating with other systems to ensure the information is consistent, accurate, and up to date

Billing and payments

Our experience will benefit your business in getting custom solutions that streamline the billing process and keep customers satisfied through every step of the transaction

Third-party systems integrations

Our custom solutions provide integration with the third-party systems your organization already has in place, including ERPs, supply chain management systems, e-commerce platforms, and others

Key features of a modern transportation management system

Deliver retail software solutions suited exactly for your business needs

We offer IT consulting and software development services to implement mobile, desktop, cloud-based retail software and applications tailored to your business. We design such systems with your retail business’ growth as the goal

Boost conversion rates

We’ll help analyze your customer journey, personalize the customer experience using Business intelligence and implement solutions that will lead to more sales and repeated purchases

Turn your data into insights

Benefit from Business intelligence: BI can analyze the data collected during the complete sales period and show you better ways of business development for the next selling season

Manage your supply chain

Improve your processes through buying & selling automation, inventory management, and apps for staff. Our retail software development service helps you map future inventory investments on expected sales volume, for better cost efficiency

Analyze customer behavior

Get accurate insights on buying trends and demand by analyzing customer behavior. Be the first to learn what could be on the top of sales next season and invest only into cash cows

Improve marketing efforts

Grow your brand by using applications to drive more foot traffic, and using notifications to your customers about new arrivals via gadgets and social networks

Merge apps and physical stores

Attract more consumers to physical stores with in-store navigation, notifications, AR, etc. We’ll help you augment your in-store services with retail software solutions

Create e-commerce solutions that help you sell online

Our experienced software engineers help retailers create engaging, effective touchpoints with their customers, ensuring smooth transactions and long-term relationships

E-commerce websites

Focused on providing scalable solutions and ecommerce enterprise portals services, we can create ecommerce website from scratch or optimize existing website. We can help you optimize your online website for high performance, increased traffic, and enhance profitability

E-commerce websites

Web & mobile solutions

With innovative web and mobile app solutions using modern and emerging technologies, we deliver omni-channel user experience, ultimately improving your bottom line and expanding your reach

Web & mobile solutions

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