Scale your business using cloud-based
maintenance optimization

Cloud solutions provide your business with unlimited scalability, better
use of resources and maximum efficiency. Our team of cloud
specialists will help you avail the full range of cloud-enabled business

(Software as a Service)

decreases manual operations, enables secrets management to protect data and improves the end-user experience

(Infrastructure as a Service)

reduces costs on server and data storage, optimizes system maintenance and helps stay flexible on the market

(Platform as a Service)

significantly speeds up deployment and gives transparency of content management to maintain business focus

IT-personnel outstaffing

Our specialists can provide you with cloud
consultancy and depending on your business needs,
expertly implement any of these cloud strategies:

Migration to the cloud

  • aggregate the value of current solution architecture

  • modernize and optimize current solution for business needs

  • get better scalability and content management

Cloud-to-cloud migration & integration

  • improve the performance and functionality of additional tools

  • get richer APIs and integration capabilities

  • shorten deployment timelines

Cloud optimization

  • enrich cloud capacity and processes visibility

  • bring to line performance environments

  • optimize resources and costs of cloud maintenance

Cloud-native development

  • increase app agility and maintainability

  • shorten time to market

  • enrich end-user experience

Cloud services accelerate Big Data and business
intelligence computing operations, enable
software modernization through microservices
and are vital for an e-commerce software engine.
It results in streamlining and simplifying business
applications, fastening time to market and
meeting customer demands effectively

Cloud-based services provide you with:

Dynamic scalability

On-the-fly scaling and load balancing for real-time control on resources capacity

Cost saving

Additional volume of back-end storage systems that enables CAPEX to OPEX transformation

Performance quality

Blue-green deployments and cloud-centric interconnected framework

Constant availability

Use of multiple servers, storage protection and geo-redundant storing and for preventing failovers


User adoption strategy, cross-platform availability and multi-device support

Enhanced collaboration

High levels of concurrent access with sharing integral components


Secure microservices architecture with easy remediation and disaster recovery

100% Transparency

Automated monitoring, rich visibility and content management

We use modern cloud technologies
and share best practices to ensure fast
and smooth deployment process:


containerized applications management, automated deployment and scaling

Serverless computing

server is run on the cloud provider to manage the resources allocation real-time


highly maintainable collection of services, enabling migration to cloud and software modernization


mutual integration of IT and work processes to ensure a smooth deployment and product quality


tools, processes, and technology, that ensures cloud security, improves business agility and reduces risk


combination of developers, testers and operations engineers’ power for continuous testing and bug-free delivery


testing cloud software on security to identify and fix vulnerabilities in cloud


creates predictable isolated environments to increase deployment efficiency, and operation scalability

Granted SLA

providing SLA compliance of cloud services up to 99,9%

IT-personnel outstaffing

Cloud technologies

  • AWS
    Amazon Kinesis
    Elastic MapReduce
    Amazon Redshift
    Amazon EMR
    Amazon S3
    Elastic Load Balancer
    Amazon SNS
    Elastic Compute Cloud
    Amazon EC2
    Simple Storage Cloud
    Amazon ELB
    Digital Ocean
    Digital Ocean
    SAP Cloud Services
    SAP Cloud Services
    Software deployment
    Software deployment

Scale your business now with
*instinctools’ cloud power

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