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What should you do when your far-reaching attempts to leverage cloud technology risk sinking under the weight of high costs and poor performance? Uncloud? No! Optimize!

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, *instinctools cloud experts will evaluate your current environment, give you the best-practice recommendations on areas to enhance, build and deploy a solution, and provide you with continuous cloud optimization to:

  • Improve availability and uptime of your systems
  • Reduce cloud spending and increase ROI
  • Boost security and compliance
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  • Improve availability and uptime of your systems
  • Reduce cloud spending and increase ROI
  • Boost security and compliance

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Cloud performance and cost optimization

cloud cost optimization

Cloud cost optimization is almost always at the top of our clients’ enterprise agenda. However, excessive cloud expenditure is not a standalone problem. It is inextricably linked with performance issues.

*instinctools methodology for optimizing cloud costs and performance involves:

  • Removing unused or unattached resources to exclude charges for them
  • Selecting appropriate instances tailored to your specific tasks
  • Rightsizing the resources to achieve peak performance from what you are paying for
  • Deploying autoscaling services to maintain the workload performance seamlessly and, meanwhile, manage cloud costs
  • Considering multi-cloud vs. single cloud not to fit the mold but to address the issues of each particular client
  • Tracking performance metrics to ensure data-driven decision-making on further optimization
cloud cost optimization

Do you want to get the most out of your cloud as cost-effectively as possible?

Cloud security optimization

At *instinctools, we treat security as the cornerstone of the cloud architecture. Our experts use industry-validated techniques to improve an established security baseline and implement cloud-specific security processes and controls that can contribute to existing practices.

Our cloud optimization approach aims to deliver the needed security architectures to enable safe business use of cloud services. It includes:

  • performing cloud security assessments
  • establishing cloud security governance
  • extending security architecture, processes and controls across local data center applications and cloud implementations
  • automating security tasks

How do we perform cloud optimization?

We bring all the aspects of cloud optimization together to achieve optimal overall results. Within our cloud optimization services, we take the following steps:

Conduct assessment

We rigorously examine your cloud deployment, focusing on

  • its reliability, performance, and cost
  • identification of bottlenecks, compliance gaps, and unused capacity
  • evaluation of existing tooling and team capabilities

Due to a thorough analysis of your current set-up, our experts identify the reasons behind mis-provisioned resources and spot crucial areas for improvement.

Build a strategy and create a plan

After an in-depth analysis of your cloud infrastructure, we wrap up our recommendations into a concise strategy that can be easily translated into an actionable plan of cloud optimization initiatives. *instinctools cloud optimization plan provides insights and guidance on how to:

  • Finetune your cloud architecture
  • Get more resource efficiency out of your cloud service provider
  • Choose the right type of storage for your business needs
  • Optimize costs, storage, network, and operations in your cloud environment
  • Improve content distribution
  • Deal with the challenges hampering scaling initiatives


Aside from establishing architectural principles that work for your business, *instinctools delivers consistent, high-quality design and build services within a cloud optimization process. You will work with a team of experienced cloud architects and engineers who will assist you in reinventing existing infrastructure to make it more cost effective and high performing, no matter the scale your business is at right now.

We also encourage you to take full advantage of cloud capabilities by implementing the best DevOps practices. Running a CI/CD pipeline with Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) integrated in it helps effectively monitor infrastructure changes as well as automate tedious and error-prone manual configuration, bringing speed, consistency, accountability, and cost savings to your company’s cloud environment.

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Continuous cloud optimization

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Here at *instinctools, we know that cloud optimization is not a one-and-done endeavor but an ongoing process. That’s why we don’t limit our services to turnkey solutions and provide guidance on how to address cloud cost, performance, and security issues throughout your entire cloud journey.

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