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Cloud migration is a journey with many paths. Instinctools’ cloud migration services are your shortcut to migration success.

  • Minimized complexity for your migration journey
  • Fast time to the cloud
  • Uninterrupted migration and in-cloud conversion
  • Optimized cloud costs

Gain confidence in your project with our cloud migration consulting services

Based on your needs and tech landscape, our cloud migration consultants help you map the application portfolio and associated infrastructure, develop an optimal migration strategy, and spot dependencies. As your cloud migration consultant, our company prepares a well-designed roadmap that has all the guardrails to make your transition smooth and painless.
Cloud migration strategy
High-level target infrastructure and cloud architecture
High-level roadmap
Migration and scheduling plan

Cloud migration services that reduce complexity and increase value

As a trusted cloud migration partner, we help cloud-enabled organizations transfer their services, databases, cloud native applications, and other existing workloads between clouds. No matter the combination of cloud storage vendors, we ensure minimal user impact and a smooth transition.

Application migration

Move the applications from on premises environments or between clouds — fast, easy, and risk-free. Along with a seamless transition, our cloud engineers also help you rebuild the components or the entire application architecture to enhance the performance, scalability, reliability, and security of your cloud native apps.

Data migration 

Our disruption-free migration framework gives your data workflows an upgrade with no downtime or data loss. We analyze the type of workloads, required speed to completion, security requirements, and data volume to identify the best migration option for your specific data needs.

Storage migration

The bigger your data estate is, the more expensive it is to manage and maintain. Using migration tools from trusted cloud providers, our developers move your data to the cloud to slash costs, improve resilience, and enhance data safety and analysis.

Database rehosting

Lift and shift your databases to the cloud environment that’s fast to scale, easy to set up, and supports any type of source environment. Instinctools’ cloud team performs database migrations of any complexity, large-scale or granular, taking into account your architecture, limitations, provisioning needs, and more.

Our experts
get you to the cloud quickly,
without disruption

Adopt our holistic cloud migration process to minimize risks

As one of the leading cloud migration service providers, *instinctools understands the importance of an end-to-end look at the cloud journey. Our cloud experts follow the Rapid Assessment and Migration Program that de-risks your transition and accelerates time-to-value.

Discovery and analysis

We start with a comprehensive assessment of your existing infrastructure and applications to identify workloads for migrations. This includes a detailed analysis of your security and compliance concerns, PoC environment development, and requirements gathering.

Moving to the cloud

Our specialists execute a smooth migration according to the chosen approach. Our cloud migration managed services keep your migrations on track and provide an uninterrupted experience for end users. Mock or pilot migration is optional.

Optimizing your cloud environment

We right-size your virtual environment for security and make it more cost-effective. Our developers assess your cloud configuration, resources, and usage to make any necessary adjustments.

Drawing up a cloud strategy 

Based on the requirements elicited, our cloud engineers select the right cloud strategy, develop a detailed migration plan, prepare cost and value assessments, and build the foundation you’ll need in your cloud environment.

  • Rehost. Following this approach, our cloud team migrates your digital assets from the source environment to the cloud with no major architectural changes, balancing the transition speed with cloud-native benefits.
  • Replatform. We lift and reshape your workloads, optimizing the performance, cost, and functionality of your digital assets without long cutover windows or disruptions.

  • Refactor. Our cloud engineers modify your business applications to leverage cloud-based features and the flexibility that comes with them. After refactoring, your applications are optimized for better resource utilization and higher elasticity.

Preparing For The Cloud

Here at *instinctools, we employ a cloud adoption framework based on the top industry practices and our cloud consulting expertise. We start with assessing IT infrastructure and creating a migration strategy for your company.

How we work:

Define the cloud migration strategy
discovery phase and current state audit

Develop a cloud migration plan
following migration and innovation guidelines

Getting started with Cloud migration
following migration and innovation guidelines

Get everything ready
preparing and testing the first landing zone and expanding the blueprint

Move to the cloud without compromising your operational efficiency

Maximize your cloud potential


more resilience for migrated apps


infrastructure cost efficiency


improvement in service availability and reliability

Cloud migration issues, solved

Based on your needs and tech landscape, our cloud migration consultants help you map the application portfolio and associated infrastructure, develop an optimal migration strategy, and spot dependencies. As your cloud migration consultant, our company prepares a well-designed roadmap that has all the guardrails to make your transition smooth and painless.

High cloud usage expenses
Seamless resource scaling without sacrificing performance for optimal cloud efficiency
Suboptimal cloud development processes
Rapid application deployment with robust CI/CD pipelines, leveraging existing cloud services 
Inadequate cloud application performance
Automated resource orchestration to effortlessly handle peak loads
Regular malfunctions in cloud apps
Enhanced application reliability through early-stage automated testing and performance management
Vulnerable cloud infrastructure
Stringent security measures, including component-level access control and encrypted data backups
Costly migration
Pragmatic cloud migration strategy tailored to your needs, reducing cloud costs and development efforts 

Save up to 30% of your cloud spending with *instinctools

Without rigorous planning and effective management, your cloud costs can become a budget black hole. That’s why our cloud developers put a special focus on the cost reduction strategy during cloud adoption. We go beyond simple cost-cutting, optimizing all elements of your cloud infrastructure and services so you can get lower cloud costs without destroying value.

  • Pre-migration rightsizing
  • Virtual Machine configuration
  • Sustained use discounts
  • Post-migration rightsizing 

Maximize the value of cloud investment with *instinctools

Leverage our cloud migration partnerships for an ideal match

As one of the leading cloud migration service providers, we strategically select the right cloud environment for your unique needs so the new set-up can seamlessly integrate with your existing stack.

Move to Google Cloud

Enable digital transformation by transforming your business processes and customer experiences with the Google Cloud platform.

Move to Microsoft Azure

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, *instinctools provides consulting, migration, and integration services based on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Move to AWS

Our cloud team helps you achieve your business goals, comply with industry standards, and prepare a solid digital launchpad on the AWS cloud.

Move to OVHCloud

Instinctools is an OVHcloud Advanced Partner and managed service provider — and we’re willing to bring this long-standing expertise to your table. 

Choose *instinctools as your trusted cloud migration consultant

Cloud-first, cloud-ready, or cloud-enabled — whatever your cloud state is, we’re here as a partner that always stands by.

Dedicated, experienced team

Our team works closely with you to build a custom roadmap, cost-optimized and aligned to your intended business outcomes. Whatever organizational, technical, or data security challenges you have, we can solve them.

Proven methodology at scale

At the core of our cloud migration services lies a calibrated RAMP framework that allows our engineers to execute your cloud initiatives quickly while maximizing business value for your company.

Best-in-class technology

Our company has a flexible palette of cloud tools and partnerships with the leading cloud providers to address the pending needs of your business and make your migration journey a success story.

Security-first approach

Turn to our cloud migration engineering services to achieve compliance excellence as per HIPAA, SOC-2, and other regulations. Our cloud engineers set and manage the configuration states of cloud resources and services to ensure they comply with your security requirements. 

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Extensive cloud expertise to back you up

Instinctools offers a suite of complementary cloud development services that enable you to advance your cloud presence and become a cloud-native organization.

DevOps enablement

Combine the power of cloud and DevOps to streamline each phase of your software development lifecycle, facilitate automation in the cloud, and spot application issues before they become expensive problems.

Managed cloud services

Getting lost in the shuffle of cloud management? Let our managed cloud team take care of your cloud burdens and proactively manage the performance of your digital assets to keep them at peak performance the entire time.

SaaS development

Resilience, advanced functionality, and rock-solid data security — we know the triple value you want from your SaaS investment. From architecture development to performance optimization, we provide full support for your solution needs to thrive in the cloud.

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Become a cloud-native, as much or as little as you want 

Counted among the top cloud migration consulting companies, *instinctools assists businesses in transforming infrastructure operations for four major types of cloud environments.

Private cloud

Tap into the cloud-driven elasticity and on-demand resources while keeping your enterprise data secure. Private clouds offer increased control over infrastructure, allowing highly regulated industries and government agencies to build exclusive cloud environments without trade-offs.

Public cloud

Make the move to public clouds to address your varying peak demands, unlock more technical agility for your company, and reduce the costs of migration. More computing power, no CapEx, and infinite growth.

Hybrid cloud

Our cloud engineers configure a mixed environment consisting of private and public clouds to increase your flexibility without compromising security. We focus on strong compatibility and integration between your cloud infrastructure and help you navigate the complexity of hybrid setups.


Leverage our experience in multi-cloud deployments to create a unique ecosystem of applications, services, and workloads that live on different clouds. Along with migration, our cloud engineers simplify your multi-cloud management by building a single interface for unified tracking.

Have an easy ride to the cloud

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What are cloud migration services?

Migrating to the cloud allows companies to transfer their data, applications, and other digital assets from on-premises servers or other infrastructure setups to cloud-based platforms. The migration process includes careful planning, implementation, and post-deployment support and management to ensure a smooth adoption. By tapping into the expertise of professional service providers, companies can harness the power of the cloud, ensure a secure environment, and minimize disruption.

What are the 5 cloud migration strategies?

A cloud provider with the best cloud migration services performs the following types of migrations:

  • Rehosting - also known as lift-and-shift, is the most simple migration type that doesn’t need any optimizations or major changes.
  • Refactoring - is the strategy that includes re-architecting applications to move them to the cloud.
  • Replatforming - developers move the application to the cloud and optimize it to reduce costs and take advantage of cloud capabilities.
  • Rebuild - cloud engineers rewrite your application from scratch.
  • Replace - here, you replace the application with a cloud-native solution or SaaS service designed to work in the cloud.
What does a cloud migration consultant do?

A cloud migration consultant assesses your current IT infrastructure and determines the best approach for migrating to the cloud. They work closely with your team to get a better understanding of your specific requirements, goals, and constraints. Based on this assessment, the consultant will develop a comprehensive migration strategy and plan, taking into account factors such as data security, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and compliance with industry regulations.

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