From data chaos
to meaningful insights for business growth

BI allows businesses to take decisions that help them to stay ahead of the competition in the market

But how does it happen?

BI extracts actionable information from vast amount of unstructured data and this valuable information facilitates the company management in faster and reliable data-driven decision making.


Whether you are a Chief Executive Officer or in-charge of the company’s finances, marketing, or sales, BI will be indispensable in helping you set your operational and achieve strategic goals:

Executives VP of Sales CMO  Chief Financial Officer


VP of Sales


Chief Financial Officer

Real-time reporting

Access the information about all the companies processes in real time and control them

Business alignment

Align all the heads of departments, board members, stakeholders, and decision makers to company’s current and future activities

Remote control

Watch and control business processes from remote offices of your company

Reliable decisions

Take data-driven decisions for further business development

Pipeline Visibility

Information based on the data from systems such as the ERP, CRM, and contract billing allows to control, evaluate and analyse the entire pipeline on an ongoing basis

Process Optimization

Information based on sales metrics from the CRM can be compared with the objectives and performance indicators to measure target progress. Allows to identify customers who need to be nurtured or determine special actions that need to be done to achieve defined objectives

Sales Person focus

Gather aggregated information based on actions of a sales representative in a certain time period. Allows to support, motivate, and set up individual targets for sales personnel

Sales forecasting

Compare previously planned sales forecast for given months with the actual results. Allows sales managers and executives to evaluate the accuracy of sales forecasts across the entire organization, both for individual sales representatives and sales team

Account coverage

Information based on the analysis of certain KPIs. It becomes possible to identify those customers that have not received enough attention. Allows to devise a customer retention strateg

Sales & Marketing teams working in tandem

Improved visibility of sales information, which helps in fine-tuning the marketing campaigns

Measuring Paid and Organic Data

For getting insights and identifying new opportunities through visual comparative data analysis

Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience

As a result of better understanding of customer behaviour because of constantly gathered data and analysis

Improved marketing campaigns

Based on data fromanalysing customers’ behaviourand customers’ needs forecasting

Increase marketing productivity

By releasing inefficiency bottlenecks, automating tasks, refining processes, and prioritizing operational work

Suitable Reporting and Visualisation

Deliver only requested financial information to the right group of peoplee

Data Access Differentiation

Individualized data access according to the role

Faster report generation

Minimal time spent on financial reports creation

Financial consolidation

Deliver the final financial statements to board members and relevant authorities covering the entire financial-close cycle

Reporting consolidation

Aligning the consolidated financial statement reporting, statutory reporting, and managerial reporting

Managerial reporting

Control KPIs and deliver financial reports to stakeholders, managers, and decision-makers

Financial planning and analysis

Provide managers with financial budgets and details of their performance

Sales, Marketing and Service financial forecasting

Allows stakeholders to generate and share their forecasts and provide useful information for supply chain

Business Intelligence Consulting

We perform a comprehensive business and technology audit of your current system infrastructure and use it as a base to form a strategy for BI implementation or modernization.

business intelligence consulting
  • Definition of goals and vision of the solution

  • Data requirements description

  • Project plan and architecture concept

Data Warehouse Modernization

It includes data preparation and data integration modules that help to bring all your data into one single storage and make it accessible, intelligent, and clear.



Amazon Redshift




Google BigQuery


Teradata Vantage


Pivotal Greenplum


  • Integration with the 3rd party systems

  • Security Compliance

  • Data cleansing and enriching

Data Analysis & Visualization

We analyze your company's data and create a system which allows you to define key metrics for more in-depth analysis and create readable charts and graphs for better reporting.

data analysis and visualization
  • Real-time dashboards

  • Notification and recommendation functionality

  • Business performance visualizations

  • Customized metrics

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface

Support and Maintenance

We can also ensure continuous support for your system’s smooth operation and overall sustainability. As market trends and your current needs change, your system might need improvement. We are always ready to provide you system improvement when needed. While your system undergoes improvement, we can provide you an ad hoc solution to eliminate downtime.

person wrench spider
  • Continuous help and support

  • Readily available specialists for emergency issues

  • Improvement of the system for your business needs














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crystal reports







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Power BI

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