UI UX Design

UI/UX Design

  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
Web Design

Web Design

  • Landing pages
  • Corporate websites
  • E-commerce websites
Brand Identity

Brand Identity

  • Logotypes
  • Identity concepts
  • Brand guidelines
Mobile App Designs
Website Designs
Enterprise Systems UI
Years Experience

UI/UX Advantages

Cuts down
development costs

  • Understanding users/roles
    and their real needs

  • Prototyping to avoid feature
    creep and estimate more

Increases your

  • Optimizing workflows and reducing number of steps

  • More efficient and clear interactions
    with UI (clear CTAs, focusing on
    most important)

Increases your
customer loyalty

  • Users prefer attractive and
    easy-to-use UI

  • UI that helps users achieve
    their goals

How We Work

Users and Business
Goals Analysis

We start by understanding the main business background of our clients and their users’ roles and needs(personas). For this purpose, we work closely with our clients and our business analysts investigate and clarify all the relevant aspects of the product. Using this info, we can see the idea behind the product from the end users’ perspective. Empathy maps, Impact maps and Personas description templates - all these tools help us to get all the needed information. At this stage, we make a hypothesis and put it into the first mockups.



Prototypes are UX-stage deliverables that are a representation of the final product. As a rule, these prototypes are medium or high fidelity and simulate the appearance of the final product but without all of the underlying functionality. The purpose of a prototype is to validate your product idea by letting real users test it. The prototypes are used to improve the user experience and to perfect the UX design.

Step by Step

This stage progresses iteratively and starts with discussions around prototype with a client along with internal discussions with a team of experts (UI/UX, BA, SA and other). As a result, a lot of insights and usability issues come to the surface that help us improve the final solution. Step by step, we get the final clickable prototype that we can optionally test on the end users and of course start the development phase.

step by step
look feel

Final Look and Feel

How does the end product look like? What emotions and feelings it will bring to the end users? All the way from analytics and prototyping, we always keep in mind that the final product should be attractive and stylish. UI is about design, style, and clarity whereas UX is about interaction, ease of use, and experience. We always try to combine these two aspects in one solution.

Tools and Approaches







Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


We use a variety of designing tools such as Figma, Sketch + InVision, Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator etc. Depending on the task, we choose the tool which is more suitable or if needed, we can choose the tool which can complement your toolset.

Case Studies


Lition is the web application for energy trading company. This app is based on a blockchain system. Customers can change energy producer in real time and buy/sell energy without intermediaries.

At the beginning we analyzed the energy trading business and learned its features. Based on the analysis we created user-friendly UI. We divided the application’s goals by priority and designed the most clear and effective user paths.


Helvar is a lighting company which is offering modern, flexible and agile solutions to customers. Helvar operates around the world: the company has development hubs in Espoo, Finland, and Dartford, UK.

The Android application gives the opportunity to use UI's from web app in any project/place/building on the 7-inch Helvar tablet.

For customers

Communique is content marketing management platform that unites Authors, Editors and Clients. Platform allows to collaborate, plan and manage all activities around content creation in marketing area. Track live statuses of in work and already published content, get different types of reports such as CTR, Awareness, Engagement, Conversion, etc. 3 different types of roles in the application challenge us to create adapted UI/UX for each role, so it cover all the needs and allows easily achieve goals.

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