Augmented team

Augmented teams offer the possibility to supplement your existing project teams with skilled resources from *instinctools. We can provide expertise in agile development, DevOps, business analysis, software engineering, quality assurance, and business intelligence.

Augmented team

Due to our vast experience in team augmentation, our employees understand how critical it is to become a part of the client’s team. *instinctools supports fast and effective onboarding to build up knowledge quickly and effectively builds up the knowledge of your IT systems and business.

For more than 19 years, we have been empowering clients by providing committed specialists to their teams to facilitate successful project delivery.

*instinctools can provide you specialists with a wide range of technological domains and skills. We are constantly training our employees to keep up with the current industry standards

Dedicated team

Dedicated teams are pre-formed, managed teams, with all the required set of competencies. Usually, a team consists of a Project Manager or a Scrum Master, Business Analyst(s), Developers and Quality Assurance Specialists.

Dedicated team

These specialists make up a fully formed team and are tasked with dealing directly with business stakeholders / product owners, and liaise with them on the product backlog, sprint planning, and subsequent releases.

The *instinctools core team is also involved with ensuring that engagements are on track, and that both the client and the dedicated team move in the right direction to enable continuous improvement.

This option is beneficial when you have a proper vision of the initiative and need people who can put it into practice. *instinctools has internal procedures in place to help team maintain a consistently high level of performance.

Project based team

Based on the defined project, *instinctools provides you with a dedicated team according to the agreed-upon project timeline, and technology stack. We will be responsible for effective knowledge transfer, constant project execution, control and risk management.

Project based team

Within this approach, *instinctools closely works with stakeholders on the validation of the transformation strategy, defining minimal viable product and its execution via the proper project team.

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