Corporate education

Employee training has become critical to any organization’s competitiveness and performance. Through Learning Management Systems, we help to set up digital education activities that are focused on upskilling an organization’s existing workforce. Learning Management solution will align employee training with your company’s strategic goals and help in making your employees more efficient and highly engaged. This, in turn, will help you deliver the best customer experience.

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Learning Management Systems
Learning Management Systems

School education

Traditional learning environments on their own are becoming less effective, as educational institutions are faced with the changing needs of modern students. The digital technology is providing these institutions new avenues to effectively help students in their learning process. *instinctools works directly with the educators to develop such innovative digital tools.

*instinctools helps school boards and educational institutions in providing an enhanced learning environment which:

Increases student engagement

Effectively engage your students using an easy-to-use set
of digital tools. It helps your organization to cater to the
growing expectations of students and their parents or
guardians and qualitatively prepare your students with
critical 21st-century skills. Your students can access online
resources anytime and anywhere with the help of
Learning management systems.
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Increases student engagement

Empowers educational staff

We empower your school’s staff by providing them flexibility to do their jobs. We implement a collaborative, supportive, and a customized environment so that your teachers can be much more effective. The school teachers can realize their full pedagogical potential by using different tools and learning models; it also opens doors to professional development and retraining programs for teachers

Empowers educational staff

Keeps your data safe

We provide the latest security features to improve your school’s information privacy & cyber security. We apply a customized approach to cover all your security issues. This includes building data safety and student digital protection features, and protecting your organization’s systems

Keeps your data safe

Optimizes educational processes

We help you in using learning analytics to optimize operations in education, speed up processes and improve productivity. This is done by utilizing big amounts of data in the smartest way: turn your data into insights, address your institution’s regulatory compliance issues, and optimize risk management

Optimizes educational processes

Solutions we create help you
overcome all your training hurdles

CEOs / Business Owners

You are a top-level education manager and you are searching for digital tools to increase interaction between students, teachers and parents; to quickly and easily get customized educational reports; to make educational process faster and less cumbersome for your employees….
Whatever the issues you’re facing, *instinctools will help you with suitable IT solutions – from providing you a customized Learning Management System for boosting your team’s productivity to helping you apply the appropriate analytics, e.g. Business Intelligence , to your data.

CFOs / Accountants

You are a CFO/Accountant and you have concerns around cash flow and budgeting or you are trying to overcome the lack of financial metrics to use for your reporting and overseeing your organization’s financial or accounting functions...
*instinctools will help you to solve your issues with customized IT solutions and IT support for education – from implementing the right tools using Business Intelligence , so that you can easily monitor your company’s metrics, to keeping all of your financial data secure with special customized software solutions.

CIOs / IT Directors

You are a CIO/IT Director and you are trying to improve operational efficiency and increase automation, while decreasing costs, or you are trying to keep up with the changing nature of cyber-security threats...
*instinctools will help you to keep your data and IT infrastructure secure, efficiently manage your budget with accurately predictable operational expenses, provide you with end-user customer support and training, and much more.

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