Calorie Calculator

the project

Famous coaches from customer’s fitness centers have worked out their own low-calorie diet plan to help clients stick to healthy nutrition. Though it proved to be effective, it wasn’t quite convenient to follow as people had to address their notes all the time to count the eaten calories. Therefore *instinctools team got the task to create a user-friendly app (on iOS and Android platforms) that would simplify the process of counting calories.


The main goal was to create an application that would digitalize the process of how users follow the diet plan by counting calories and weight tracking using their smartphone.


*instinctools team developed mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms that would meet customer’s business objectives under a PM’s supervision.

  • Show energy value and characteristics of a vast list of products;
  • Organize quick search within the products list;
  • Indicate the exact quantity of the eaten product and count its energetic value;
  • Deploy an intuitive and user-friendly interface;
  • Combine the calorie counting process with the product nutritional value estimating.

Key features

Close collaboration of our development team, UX designers, QA and PM with the medical coordinators and coaches on customer’s side let us deliver a high-quality product within 2 months.


Get access to a huge database of products including both raw food & cooked meals


Track personal weight changes


Search quickly within the products list


Set reminders to follow the diet


Receive recommendations on what to eat next and how to cook it best way

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Being motivated to stick to the diet through gamification elements

Business profit

Coaches presented their diet plan to a wide range of people and proved its effectiveness with the help of Calorie Calculator. It helped to raise the number of visitors interested in diet implementation by 4,6% what significantly affected the income of the organization.


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