Job Search Application

About the Product

The idea of our customer was to develop a service that helps with a job search. The target audience for the service is Millennials or Generation Y. Their distinctive feature is extensive involvement with digital technologies. Therefore, the service offers the young generation the facility for them to look for a job in their usual way: by using digital technologies through recording a video CV.


The customer tasked us with the development of a mobile application for two platforms: Android and iOS.

The company also plans to entrust us with the development of a web application for recruiters.


To manage the project’s task, in particular, to record a video CV, the greatest emphasis was placed on the development of the technological backend.

Our team met all the requirements of the customer and successfully delivered the app. The customer was pleased with the efficiency of communications and the quality of work delivered.

Key features


Video CV recording


Adding key skills and tags to facilitate searching


Possibility to maintain correspondence with a potential employer or potential employee


Identification of users through document verification


Possibility to add various social networks


A system of applicants’ ratings, which allows the recruiter to be confident about the honesty and openness of applicants


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