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We use an analytics-driven approach to software development and build full-scope advanced engineering solutions that allow our clients to reap the benefits.

Engineering at an enterprise scale

Dealing with large-scale business processes is challenging. But with our team’s input, you’ll handle mind-boggling data volumes, manage an increasing number of customers and employees, and make your organization fully digital even if it wasn’t digital-born in the first place.

We provide you with enterprise-wide solutions such as DMS, SCM, CRM, ERP, etc., that improve, facilitate, and speed up work throughout the company. Leverage streamlining workflows, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity by smartly automating your business processes.

Our engineering solutions reinforce a willingness for continuous collaboration between stakeholders, improve decision-making, boost productivity, and enhance product quality.

*instinctools’ engineers design, develop, test, and install software solutions that are the most beneficial for your organization. Our specialists also ensure knowledge transfer to your IT team or provide you with the system support and maintenance services you need directly.

What do we offer?

Software product development to put your startup on the fast track to success

Entering the market with a new business idea, you may lack an accurate and deep understanding of how to bring this idea to life with the help of technology. *instinctools takes this burden off your shoulders. Our team of high-skilled experts goes far beyond simple implementation and shapes a 360° vision of the product-to-be. We create a solution from start to finish — from identifying opportunities and uncovering challenges that might occur during the project to releasing the developed software and maintaining it afterward.

Get a head start on your competitors with *instinctools’ expert support.

Digital transformation partnership to strengthen your business

Getting on track to digital transformation is overwhelming. If it seems the process is too complex to wrap your head around and there are too many roadblocks to avoid, leave that to us. The *instinctools team will assist you in upgrading your business by identifying the areas for improvement and how they can be enhanced.

Full-scale digital transformation brings order to multiple business areas. It helps:

  • review your actual data warehousing model and identify the most beneficial way of its improvement to provide you with an appropriate level of data accessibility
  • get detailed information about who your customers are to create personalized offers for them and increase the number of loyal customers, and, thus, boost your revenue
  • securely handle data flow and unlock the potential of the information you have
  • achieve a proper level of security thanks to complete visibility of the business processes across the organization

We update your business processes so that it seems your business was always digital, even if it wasn’t.

Cloud engineering as part of your digital transformation strategy

If you want to succeed in a data-driven world and need your system to be flexible and capable of handling ever-growing volumes of data, we’ve got your back. Our team will help navigate you through all the steps of your cloud journey, from identifying the appropriate cloud vendor and setting a strategy to post-migration monitoring of a new cloud environment so that its performance will meet your goals and SLAs.

*instinctools engineers provide cloud infrastructure and engineering services to connect, manage, and optimize public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions based on world-leading platforms: Azure, AWS, etc. Become a sustainable legacy-free organization primed for continuous growth.

System modernization of your platform to empower your business growth

End-to-end redesign of legacy systems is challenging as these projects are usually large-scale and costly. At *instinctools, we breathe new life in your outdated software by enhancing its functionality, and help you avoid creating a new system from scratch. *instinctools’ specialists build smart solutions on time and on budget for you to move fast and scale appropriately.

Maximizing your organization’s ROI is the ultimate intention of the system’s redesign, and we help you optimize and maintain the system to achieve this goal. We act based on a detailed structured plan for the legacy software modernization to provide you with a secure, flexible, and standards-compliant system with an intuitive interface.

Agile methodologies to boost your delivery speed

Agile methodologies allow us to speed up the software development life cycle and deliver a workable high-quality product for the business faster, as well as stay flexible and adaptable to changing requirements.

Take advantage of agile approaches to uncover problems and hold ups at the early stages of the project and fix them faster and at a low cost. Leverage the opportunity to refine and reprioritize product or system requirements without a hitch if its unpredictable nature requires regular checks and changes during the development process.

We are engineering the future. Now.

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