Our сontribution

Regular maintenance

Business features

Our tech team

Can analyze the system’s everyday behavior,
do regular security audits (on regular basis),
on regular basis code backups, and constant
system upgradation. Along with testing the
entire system each month to find any
incompatibility or error, we monitor the traffic
and server load and accordingly optimize it.

Our business specialists

Monitor how the system functions from the business perspective. We can check to see if it:

  • accomplishes initially set goals

  • improves customer’s business workflows

According to the data we receive, we can make needed adjustments analyze areas for improvements and plan the implementation.

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Instinctools is proud to be named a top development partner by Clutch

Here at *instinctools, we know it can be difficult for any business to stay ahead of the pack while also implementing innovative technology solutions. That is why we are here to help! We provide custom software solutions and dedicated teams

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∞ Virtues of business intelligence that make your business smarter

Today’s business world is increasingly (and dizzyingly) complex. Traditional methods of navigation through this complexity are obsolete. C-suites admit that they don’t have enough of the right information at the right time, because their inner reports are no longer reliable.

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Hail or fail: 10 reasons to say goodbye to legacy software

Isn’t this “it’s-not-about-the-age” philosophy just adorable? So affirmative, so promising and yet… so untrue? You know what? Age matters. At least when it comes to technologies. Here are some points, which clearly show how using outdated software may, someday, lay

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