Software testing

The software testing & QA services we offer work perfectly for applications that are either stand-alone, client/server or web-based. Our staff is well trained and applies proven system testing and quality assurance methodologies and techniques.

Functional Testing

With functional software testing we help
companies to deliver apps of higher quality to its
consumers while reducing cost and possible
risks. That’s how functional testing became a key
process in ensuring the quality of software

Automated Testing

We offer automated testing as a part of
development, migration project or as a separate
service. The *instinctools testing team can use
both a keyword-driven and data-driven
approach to ensure the quality.

Selenium HP IBM ST Windows

Mobile App’s Testing

*instinctools QA team can provide you with
mobile application testing services that include
testing application software on different mobile
devices for its usability, consistency and
functionality. Mobile application testing is an
integral part of our app development process
and can valuably decrease your operational

Performance Testing

Performance testing, as a type of non-functional
testing, helps to determine the very important
aspects of your system, like speed of processes,
performed under a particular workload. Our QA
services include a comprehensive investigation of
client’s software. As performance is a very
important characteristic of any app, we do our
best to detect as many bugs as we can.

Mobile App’s Testing on
Broad Device Line

Costs literally skyrocket if we aim to provide the
best functionality for most Android devices
available on the market.

A very efficient way to address this problem is a
partial or maximum usage of automated testing
as a pillar of quality assurance. The experience of
instinctools EE labs shows that this approach can
bring significant economic value as well as ensure
a consistent high level of quality.

Dedicated QA Teams

Dedicated QA Teams

Dedicated testing teams enable our clients to expand their own resources in the most cost-efficient and smooth way. When choosing this model you will get a remote team of testers that works exclusively on your project in accordance with your requirements. You will also get full control over the testing process and will be able to manage it directly at any time.

You can monitor the team work via online project management, time / bug trackers and regular reports.

DTT can work with you from the planning phase and be a part of the development strategy. Flexible contract terms (which, if necessary, allow Bug Hunters customers to modify the service, e.g., change the team size) make Dedicated testing teams ever more profitable.

We will be happy to join your team and help you to build Hight Quality Software.

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Levels of testing

  • Unit testing

  • Integration testing

  • System testing

Testing on different
stages of development

  • New feature testing

  • Smoke testing

  • Regression testing

  • Acceptance testing

Testing types

  • Functional Testing

  • Localization Testing

  • Load/Performance Testing

Bug tracking

  • Jira

  • Redmine

  • Bugzilla

  • Trac

Test management

  • Jira/Zephyr

  • TestRail

  • TestLink

  • HP ALM (Quality Center)

Testing tools and

  • Selenium WebDriver

  • Protractor

  • Jest

  • Puppeteer

  • Jmeter

  • Gatling

  • InfluxDB/Grafana


  • MS Windows

  • UNIX

  • Linux

  • MacOSX