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We build, improve, and implement cutting-edge technical solutions in support of your business goals

Creating more value for business through proper technology implementation in software architecture and design

Underpinning any tech project, a well-built architecture increases the reliability of project planning, helps to deliver a structured solution without breaking the bank or suffering because of missed deadlines, and ensures the new system will fit seamlessly into the existing corporate environment.

We take into consideration the requirements of various stakeholders, design, describe, and manage the solution engineering to eliminate the possibility of the project failure and help our clients achieve their most ambitious business goals. Banding together with your delivery and product teams,*instinctools’ solution architects determine how hardware, software, and tech infrastructure can support your business needs and create smartly-designed, scalable architecture solutions.

We evaluate the quality of all architecture elements at the initial stages of the project’s life cycle to identify which tools, methodologies, and principles from a plethora of available options you should implement to get better results. The project’s size and its functional and technical requirements influence the complexity of the solution architecture. Therefore, choosing a suitable technology stack from the start can become a blessing for your development team and software development in general — it’s a bloodline for a complex system or application saves your time and allows you to build structured solutions and detailed design faster and efficiently.

Our team is ready to take charge of solution architecture development to free you from dealing with common, time-consuming challenges and let you:

  • benefit from the latest technologies
  • handle data and application security
  • bridge the gap between technology possibilities and business issues
  • deal with legacy systems and their integration with other systems

Enterprise architecture: aligning business goals with IT landscapes

*instinctools’ software architects help you revamp underlying business processes by reflecting the changes in your business model. Within our enterprise software architecture services, we aim to:

Deliver cost-efficient architecture solutions.

We offer both on-premise and cloud options depending on your organization’s size, security, scalability, and other requirements.

Govern enterprise architecture changes in an agile way.

A flexible approach based on adaptive planning and focused on people and results allows you to respond to external changes more efficiently.

Embrace leading-practice architecture and follow industry standards.

Implementation of automation, Business Intelligence, and DevOps practices is no longer a nice-to-have option. We consider them from the very beginning of the solution architecture development and ensure they fit your project’s needs.

Redesigning the architecture of the existing solutions

If outdated technologies slow down your organization’s progress, or if budgetary constraints keep you from a total rebuild, you could benefit from remodeling your current solution architecture. To provide you with a cohesive solution that won’t require constantly patching holes, we have a three-step plan:

  • Evaluate the current system to identify problem zones and outline ways to fix them
  • Create a strategy to finetune your software solution expertly and promptly
  • Put the plan into action to deliver solid solution architecture

We meticulously examine the current solution to suggest the best way to redesign it without unnecessary changes and extra investment. Otherwise, re-engineering the whole system can lead to serious monetary and time costs. Our software architects identify the most suitable option for your business and implement it to ensure you get results headache-free.

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