The process of innovation
consulting includes:

Clarification Call is a free, non-commitment starting point of project delivery, which clarifies our customer’s needs. It’s a crucial activity if you realize that something needs to be done but don’t know what exactly it is. Our very special SWAT - a team of technical and business specialists who can process information on the fly - is ready to answer the questions that arise during the call and navigate you through all the stages of the upcoming project.

Enhance the customer experience

For those who want to set their project on the right track from the very beginning, we have come up with an idea of a Pre-discovery Workshop - a phase of a thorough analysis. In 3-5 days of onsite personal workshop, our team delves into your business issues and provides the top-level vision of handling them. The pre-discovery workshop results in clearly formulated items:

  • Communication plan

  • Roadmap for further phases

  • Vision & Scope

  • Architecture Overview

  • UI/UX concept

  • Project charter

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Being valuable in and of itself, the result of the work
done also paves the way for the Discovery Phase.

During the Discovery Phase our CORE team:

  • explores possible solutions

  • suggests optimal engineering setup for your unique business needs

  • closely cooperates with you to validate the approach, ballpark costs, and benefits

  • formulates MVP (minimum viable product)

Monitor engagement

Step by step, we do our best to lower
your risks and increase opportunities.

Are you ready to take advantage of innovation
consulting for your business?

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