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Thorough as-is-
state analysis

Issue solving plan

The workshop is divided into two parts


In close cooperation with your team,
we X-ray your business and business
processes to generate the most
optimal workflow in time and cost.

The topics we analyze:

  • business objectives

  • vision for growth, changes and improvements

  • current business state: accomplishments and
    drawbacks of system processes

Within the discussions, it might turn out that your team members may have totally different visions on the same business issues. We bring them to a common and clear understanding by aligning their visions to the winning one for the future.

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Want to check if your team members have different visions on your current business state?


we work out a concrete strategy for
resolving the detected business issues:

  • share a holistic vision of solving a problem

  • demonstrate the project development strategy

  • identify the potential challenges that might block the
    road to implementation

  • identify potential risks involved in the execution of
    project and define the ways to mitigate them

  • introduce transparency between client’s expectations
    and practically deliverable solution to avoid

  • discuss and agree on the expected results, benefits
    and values you’ll get from its implementation

  • identify specialist roles for your project realization

The pre-discovery workshop results in
a precise plan for further actions
with clearly formulated items:

  • communication plan

  • roadmap for further phases

  • vision & scope

  • architecture overview

  • UI/UX concept

  • project charter

Transparency in cooperation is one of our core values so we provide all the estimation results in a clear, organized way in a special document and we are ready to explain to you every little detail.

The pre-discovery workshop not only paves the way for the discovery phase but also provides you with a real, visible result of our work, which is valuable in and of itself.

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