Opportunities that digitalisation
grants to government:

problem anticipation:

the rise of data analytics, coupled with AI-enabled technologies, has made it possible for the public sector to identify problems and take appropriate pre-emptive measures

putting citizens at the
heart of public service:

the combination of digital workflows, better data, and
human-centered design holds the potential to offer
greatly enhanced service delivery

Technological transformation
for public services:

Emergency services

Emergency operators are flooded with thousands of
calls every day. In each call, they literally have seconds
to take decisions that eventually affect lives. AI solutions
automate validation to ensure calls are routed
correctly and as quickly as possible

Emergency services


AI-based chatbots are used by health services to assist
patients with non-urgent conditions. The intent of digital
workers is not to replace human workers, but to augment
human worker roles for optimal work-effort outcomes


The best combination of human and technological capability
is also available for the police. Modern technologies make it
possible to combat crime by running spatial algorithms that
identify when and where crimes are likely to happen

Traffic management

Technologies that combine AI, data analytics, sensors
and payment systems offer revolutionary ways to
optimize the flow of traffic in cities, and thereby
reduce traffic accidents, dangers to pedestrians, and

Traffic management


When you have real time information on what you need
to know/parameters, your decisions can be extremely fast
and with much better accuracy. Digital Transformation aims to help government resources become more
efficient in performing their operations

Government services

Truly great governments want to transform their agencies
into smarter ones and by doing this, make citizens’ lives
easier. A key part of this digitalization process are virtual
assistants that guide people in their transactions with the

Social services

For each individual and family member on their caseload,
social workers are required to collect, maintain, and
analyze a considerable amount of data and personal
information. By implementing digital workers to assist
social workers, we can free up the human professionals to
spend more time making impacts in the lives of
vulnerable people and less time and to spend effort on tasks
that are unnecessarily manual and time consuming

Social services

Our contribution

Artificial intelligence

Use AI technology to meet crucial
needs of the public sector: streamline
operations, facilitate decision-making,
and improve customer services in ways
that weren’t possible before

Government Blockchain

Get a trusted view of shared
information and transactions


Have mission-critical apps securely
delivered, confidential data
protected, and the agencies guarded
against cyber threats

Cloud technology

Leverage flexibility, optimal
performance, and complete data
visibility of the cloud

Mobile technology

Get seamless mobile access to
desktops to improve efficiency
and productivity

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