dating app

About the Project

Each hour the user gets a so-called “potential” match, i.e. up to 24 potentials per day.

The user can examine the potential’s profile: photos, common friends, compatibilities, etc. If the user and the potential “like” each other, they become a “match”: from this very moment they can chat with each other, but there is only 24h to start conversation with a new match ortherwise the user will lose this match forever.

In addition to this, there’s one more limitation – the user has only 15 days for getting a real date with the match or the match disappears from the user’s match list. Such features are created to embolden the user to be proactive and meet his or her match in a real life.

Key features

  • Shot clock / game clock for matches
  • Conversation starters that helps the user to send flirt messages to the match
  • Dynamic questions that help to find touch points between people
  • Unique algorithm for potential generation

& Frameworks



Facebook SDK
Instagram KIT
Google Maps
Core Animation,
Core Graphics
Google Analytic
Layer messaging platform,
PubNub messaging platform

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