Business Analysis in Software Development

Being observant. 
Detecting flaws. 
Mastering documentation. 
Going beyond technologies to business success

For 20 years we’ve been guiding businesses in improving processes, products, services and software through data analysis.

Take a step from an idea to a viable product. We will walk you through every stage of the development process making it hassle-free.

Our business analysts will apply all their experience for:

Сlarifying business ideas:

The BA sets up the primary product benchmarks, such as the customer acquisition strategy and value proposition, and helps in decision on basic product KPIs.


Business Analysts can create mockups or prototypes that will be used as the basis of the final design by UI specialists. These visuals made by the BA can help you communicate your idea to the team in a more efficient way.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT):

the knowledge of your domain and needs of end users lets the BA do the final check called User Acceptance Testing, after which we can say that we are ready to hand in the developed product.

Eliciting and validating the requirements:

The BA works closely with you to get as much information on the project as possible. It can be done through:

  • workshops and discovery phases
  • observation of how the target users work without a proposed solution/with the existing solution
  • market research
  • interviews
  • Q&A sessions
  • legislation research
  • etc.

Prioritizing backlog items:

as a result of the ever-changing business environment, the BA keeps re-prioritizing the requirements to ensure that the requirements of the highest priority are addressed first.

Tracking the development process:

A very efficient way to address this problem is a partial or maximum usage of automated testing as a pillar of quality assurance. The experience of *instinctools shows that this approach can bring significant economic value as well as ensure a consistent high level of quality.

Values that our Business Analysts bring to the project:

  • product re-evaluation and/or idea remodeling
  • a detailed strategy of business problem solving
  • extra time for you to focus on your business development rather than bridging the gap between business needs and technical issues
  • improved visibility and presentability of your idea

We offer two options for carrying out business analysis activities for your product:

Full-cycle project development support:

At every stage of the project lifecycle, from initial analysis and scope definition to constant team assistance and the final product release, we are right by your side. Our Business Analysts have proved to be great at communicating your ideas and change requests to the development team and the other way round by translating technical information into the not-that-techie language.

Scope definition and documentation:

If you are unsure about going ahead with your idea and just want to validate it for yourself, we can give you the necessary assistance. We will help you understand the domain of the prospective product or do the analysis for the existing one. Together, we can determine possible ways to win target customers and steps needed to achieve that. We will define and document requirements for Proof of Concept or Minimum Viable Product, create Product RoadMap so that you can take your time and start the implementation whenever you’re ready.

Methods and techniques:

  • Process Modelling
  • Business Rules Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Roadmaps
  • Risk Analysis & Management
  • Personas

  • Market Research

  • User Stories

  • Feature Prioritization

  • Prototyping

  • Roles and Permissions Matrix

  • Scope Definition

  • Domain Analysis

  • Story Mapping

  • Sprint Planning

  • Competitors’ Analysis

  • BPMN 2.0

  • Functional Decomposition
  • Backlog Management
  • Use Cases
  • Story Grooming
  • SWOT
  • UML

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