Data Visualization as a Service

The beauty of data is in its clarity. With our data visualization services, you won’t need adjectives to convey huge amounts of information in comprehensible and engaging forms.

Accelerate time to insights by bringing life to your data

Visualize the information to navigate in the world of immeasurable data freely with the help of our data visualization consulting.
Let your employees shuffle off the burden of manual monitoring and analyzing numerical data with ease. Automate your data visualization process to get actionable insights and make well-informed business decisions faster.
Provide business analysts, project managers, and other team members with insightful visualization that makes them start answering questions they didn’t know they had.

Data that tells a clear story leads to impactful results in four aspects

Ever-growing data may seem impossible to handle. Baffling reports with tons of Excel rows can split your head into pieces.

Grasp large volumes of data right away by representing them graphically and accelerate data-driven decision-making at every level thanks to data visualization consulting services.

The faster you understand your data, the faster you can act. To be at the forefront of your industry, you should make informed decisions without delay.

Proper data visualization clearly illustrates the state of a project or a department in real-time.

Two heads are better than one. Encourage communication and collaboration between stakeholders and team members by helping them navigate in the uncharted world of boundless data with innovative visual analytics.

Are you afraid to miss any weak points and anomalies in your data? High-quality visualization uncovers hidden patterns that can be barely deciphered from myriads of spreadsheet rows.

Our Data Visualization Service Offerings

Platform-Based Visualizations

As a data visualization company, we build solutions with the help of well-known visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, etc., customizing them to each client’s needs. With *instinctools visualization services, you can leverage data both internally, by getting behind-the-scenes insights, and externally, by communicating clear messages to your clients and advertisers.

Customized platform-based data visualization solutions are:


There’s no need to create data visualization from scratch. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to solve basic tasks. By bolstering the power of ready-made software, we beautify and clarify your data and ensure it prompts clear comprehension.


You take advantage of a platform’s functions: automate the reporting process and prepare data with the help of data preparation tools inside the platform so that even your non-technical employees are able to select, prepare and visualize information.


The adaptation of a platform’s capabilities to the needs of your business is usually easier and less expensive for small and mid-sized companies than building a solution from scratch. By taking into account the limitations and possibilities of the platform as well as your company’s size and needs, we help you choose the solution which will make a perfect contribution to your business development.

Custom Visualization Solutions

Despite a commonplace belief that custom solutions cost a fortune, at enterprise scale, paying for a premium subscription to a platform can be more expensive than developing your own software. Not to mention that the larger your organization is, the bigger the data volumes it produces, so finding a platform that would fully meet your business needs becomes more challenging.

Enterprises that can’t bring their requirements to a standard will benefit from data visualization consulting services to help them cut through the clutter and turn oceans of data into rich graphs and charts synonymous with insights. Presentation of complex datasets requires advanced analytics and custom solutions with more sophisticated business logic. Having specialized dashboards for your company’s tasks in place, you can integrate new business processes and measure the results of their implementation in near real-time.

A custom solution from a data visualization firm wins when it comes to:


Platform-based visualizations are designed to meet customers’ requirements from different industries and cope with tasks of all levels of complexity. If you don’t need a plethora of options, using a platform solution is like a crushing nut with a steam hammer. Meanwhile, the cost of a platform subscription depends on the number of employees in the company. On the scale of a large company, overpayments for unnecessary options become tangible liabilities.


Universal solutions are supposed to cover many issues, and because of this, they often require more space in your cloud or server than a custom solution.


Sometimes, limitations in platform-based visualizations might be a dealbreaker and custom development becomes the only option. As it is in the case of using certain colors in the reports because of the company’s branding policy.
To meet your requirements and expectations, *instinctools experts create custom intuitive dashboards for each decision-making level.

Operational dashboards

Tracking current activities or the state of a project in near real-time for employees from different departments.

Analytical dashboards

The overview of crucial data with a comparison of periods and categories for team leads and project managers.

Strategic dashboards

The most uncluttered data, contains only important numbers for C-level executives.

We determine the type of the dashboard and then, according to it, choose suitable data visualization techniques among a plethora of options.

As a part of custom visualization as a service, we also create visualization solutions based on third-party libraries, such as Chart.js, Google Charts, just to name a few, or develop our own libraries, which is beneficial in terms of development speed and cost.

Data visualization integration

We build, customize and integrate platform-based data visualization software into your current SaaS system when you find out that default analytics of your legacy software is not enough for decision-making. Our experts can help you connect a needed business intelligence software or data visualization module to your data management, CRM, or ERP systems, as well as consult you on other innovative solutions for enterprises.


BI-ERP system allows teams to create custom dashboards and reports according to their goals and requirements.


Organize and analyze large volumes of data from multiple sources in real-time with an integrated BI system.

Predictive analytics

Get an end-to-end view of your team’s performance with modern business intelligence and data visualization integrated into your ERP system.

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You can request technical assistance from *instinctools data visualization consultants to meet visualization challenges of all kinds, such as determining what kind of data you want to represent, dealing with the size of this data, and adjusting the information to your audience in an engaging way. Reap the benefits of data visualization service offerings as part of your
BI transformation journey.

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