Android App for Supervisory Lighting System


To make the configuration of offices and classrooms easy, intuitive and fast.


The goal was to design an easy-to-understand, practical app that would enable its end-users to extend the basic functionality of the lighting system.


With the app, embodied by the *instinctools team, it has become easy to configure — and reconfigure the lighting system. The drag-and-drop screen means there’s no need for training: the user can literally just drag and drop each piece to where they need it. It’s possible to call up a pre-created template or save a new one. Lights can be grouped together for scene creation such as special lighting for presentations. Duplication has never been simpler. It’s quick to share work on big projects. And to change when task-based lighting is required.

With the help of the app, the software updates itself wirelessly in just one click. That means extra functions install without training. So it’s intelligent and ready for anything, such as rule changes to energy efficiency.

Key features

Incorporation into the lighting system

Easy to configure and navigate

Drag-and-drop screen

Pre-created lighting templates

Possibility to create your own templates

Simple duplication

(quick sharing on projects)

Wireless update of the software via the app.


With the help of the app, the end-user, more than ever, can enjoy plenty of possibilities that smart lighting offers. Anything from changing the light color to creating special lighting for different occasions is now available at the touch of a finger. The configuration of smart, energy-efficient lighting has never been so easy and convenient.


Bluetooth (BLE)
RxJava2 based

Dagger 2


MVP via Moxy

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