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Our client company specializes in the design and development of mobile and tablet apps.


The customer needs a Daydream-ready Android app.

Basic functionality required:

  • integration of the controller for interaction with the user interface
  • user interface implementation, suitable for the VK app usage
  • provision of 360-degree video upload and display
  • score calculation and speed of user answers


Before the implementation, a Google VR SDK (GVR SDK) study was conducted to determine its functionality. The customer wanted to use the native SDK for Android, but this had to be rejected, mainly because of the user interface, which, in such a case, would have to be created from scratch. That is why we decided to use the Unity Game Engine, together with the special version of the GVR SDK for Unity. This option offered ready-made solutions for the development of the user interface, structure of the scene, etc., and ultimately allowed reduction of the time for development.

Key features

The app plays a series of short 360-degree video clips
Each video is followed by questions on the video
check-circle-regular (1)
By using the controller, the user chooses the correct answers as quickly as he/she can
When the game is completed, the user can see his/her scores and compare them with the results of other users


Google VR
Unity Game Engine
  • 360° Video
  • World space GUI
  • Custom CG shaders
  • Animator
  • C# scripting
Google VR SDK for Unity
  • Stereo viewer
  • Daydream controller
  • Exoplayer plugin
  • Daydream View headset
  • ZTE Axon 7

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