Expense Keeper App

This is an app for fun and easy control of personal expenses. It helps you to plan future expenses and track performance of your current spendings in just a few taps.


The app introduces a revolutionary statistics-first approach in its user interface, so you always see the month’s budget at a glance. Adding a new expense is also extremely simple and fast.


The customer started an app development in the beginning of 2013. Due to the app’s growing popularity, it was decided to speed up the development process. In January of 2014, the customer asked us for help. We joined the application development as a Xamarin expert and performed deep refactoring and performance optimization of the app.

App Benefits

  • Easy: I set myself monthly budgets for my critical expenses and track my remaining budgets with one-click opening of the app

  • Intuitive: I continuously enter my relevant spendings into this app, so that my monthly remaining budgets always stay up to date

  • Focused: I track only those expenses that I care about. As for my monthly rent, I know it even without this app. But where did my latest ATM withdrawal end up in such a short time?


Instinctools quickly hooked into the development. We have not only eliminated some bugs and memory leaks, but also improved the app’s functionality with big data sets. We have helped to speed up the app development and improved the application’s stability.


Core Animation
Core Graphics

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