Enterprise Video Platform


The customer turned to us with a ready-made product that had to be transferred to a new modern technology that would be able to maintain the current functionality of the product and expand it.
Also, it was necessary to support MPV boxes to display the video on the basis of the new technology.


For this project, it was decided to develop a frontend based on a modern technology – React.js, which is currently the most suitable for this kind of task. The introduction of this technology has allowed us to significantly expand the functionality of the Video Platform.

Key features

EE48BC26-0896-449C-A427-9822CE99467ECreated with sketchtool.

Viewing of a video library

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Video search within the library

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Video filtering

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Use of virtual keyboard

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Program guide

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The ability to set the filter parameters using the TV remote control

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Support of input using the TV remote control



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