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The Internet nowadays is bursting with hundreds of opinions, cases and tips concerning node.js. Node.js community is growing rapidly. Amount of node.js applications is getting higher and higher. Names of companies using this software platform cannot be more convincing – LinkedIn, Walmart, eBay, PayPal, Yahoo. So why?

There are some perks both for developers and for management. There is no need in learning new language – JavaScript is always here for you. So as an employer you don’t have to search for and hire new professionals. Node.js is perfect for creating fast and scalable apps. I mean really fast. What if I tell you that more than a half of all traffic on Black Friday in Walmart went to Node servers?

Our partners as Trimet Aluminium AG, ThyssenKrupp AG and Initiativkreis Ruhr already appreciated advantages of software built on Node.js.

Your client can enjoy agile and easy to launch backend for mobile applications. No one needs heavyweight apps that get in your nerves by braking all the time and inability to deal with all the data.

Node.js allows creating cool streaming data applications. We know about this feature a lot – *instinctools’ product utrail.me is built using Node.js. It enables you to perform your own broadcasts directly to your social network accounts. Videos are saved on server and available 24h a day. You can also get live mobile TV channel or use utrail.me for covering events. As time has shown Node.js based tools carry out their mission in streaming big amounts of data, treating http requests and responses on really high level.

One more feature that can catch your interest. Node.js is worth your attention, if it comes to making a prototype. Creating a prototype is a good way to convince your boss of using exactly this software platform. It doesn’t need much time. You can make a prototype to a certain part of the application, to see yourself how it’s going on and to show your boss or/and your client, what you can do with Node.js.

Sure, it’s up to you, to use Node.js or not. Anyway the platform is really easy and at the same time it helps performing complex and essential tasks.

What is your Node.js experience? Or why haven’t you tried it yet?

Anna Vasilevskaya
E-mail: anna.vasilevskaya@instinctools.ru
Skype ID: anna.vasilevskaya
Business Development Manager
*instinctools EE Labs

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Anna Vasilevskaya
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