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The start of a project can be disturbing, not to say even intimidating, especially if the questions are piling up and the answers aren’t readily coming in. During the Pre-Discovery workshop, we delve deeply into the customer’s anxieties, frustrating problems, and haunting questions, not letting a single detail slip our mind. As here, in *instinctools, we know for sure: it’s the details that matter.

The Pre-Discovery phase is a package solution. It consists of 3 parts: preparation, workshop, and post-analysis.


Preparation starts well in advance. The time we spend on it depends on the inputs. The information we get during the Clarification Call with the customer and documentation provided by them are carefully processed and analyzed. If needs be – for instance, the customer has a start-up company – we conduct a competitive analysis as well. Then, based on this data, the agenda is developed.

Throughout the entire process, we remain in close contact with our customers to agree on the contract terms, the participants, and the agenda. After the agenda is confirmed, we work out a Pre-Discovery Question list, which is unique for each customer. It helps to elaborate on the issues declared on the agenda. We can also pitch a preliminary solution which may include Initial UI/UX Concepts, Business solution options, Implementation and delivery options, the sketch of a technical solution, etc. 


The main goal during this stage is to discuss the vision of the solution and define risks, dependencies, tools, and other limiting factors of the project. The Pre-Discovery workshop itself lasts  3-4 days, depending on each particular case. Each day of the workshop starts with specially designed warming-up activities aimed at setting the work on the right track. Then the agenda is announced. Sometimes the agenda can be changed throughout the discussion. However, we never fail to keep in mind, how it contributes to the end goal. In the course of the day, our team dives into the current state of the customer’s business with the help of relevant questions. We discuss business processes, use cases and scenarios, problem vision, infrastructure, etc., and set up goals and tasks. 

At the end of the day, summing-up and reflection is a must. Not only do we provide our customers with proper feedback, but we also ask for feedback from them. It helps not to get bogged down and drive the work further towards success.


As part of the post-analysis, the customer gets the results of the workshop packed in Vision and Scope Document and Architecture Overview Documentation, the pitch of UI/UX concepts and Infrastructure and license costs – if they exist. On top of that, taking into account the outputs of the Pre-Discovery phase, we prepare an offer for the Discovery phase.

We try our best to meet the requirements of each and every customer. Being part of the Delivery-as-a-service (DaaS) approach, the Pre-Discovery Workshop is highly customized. Activities may vary from case to case. But what remains unchanged is our devotion to what we do and a strong desire to deliver value. We create a solution, unveiling the details our customers miss. In the long run, it’s truly the details that count!

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Anna Vasilevskaya
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