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The Clarification Call is a starting point of project delivery. It’s a free, non-commitment though crucial activity, which either defines (clarifies) or, at least, comes close to defining a customer’s needs. That’s like a medical check-up, but in a business sense: you have the opportunity to articulate your pain in the neck and get a preliminary diagnosis.

Before the Clarification Call, if desired, a potential customer gets a checklist with some questions. Answering them is entirely optional. Nevertheless, you may feel free to lay out your major requests in advance.

You may be aware that something needs to be done but all of a sudden (in fact, quite predictably) realize that you don’t know what exactly it is. Breathe out! That’s not a stumbling block at all. We are able to perform your business task not only on a technical level but also on a methodological one, so you can start either with something that bothers you or with an opportunity you would like to bring about. Our team is ready to answer the questions that arise during the call. As well as help navigate you through the processes and stages of the project and relevant cases. You can rest assured that it’s a friendly discussion!

As it’s extremely important for us to be in complete sync with our customers, we meticulously select the team involved in this phase. In general, these are representatives of the Sales Department, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Solution Architect.  Yet, the structure of the team is pretty flexible and is specified according to each case. 

The team on the customer’s side is not limited to certain positions. Let’s put it this way, not really must-have, but nice-to-have include Product Owner, Product Manager, Project Manager, Chief Technical Officer (or other staff from the technical department). And other key positions are welcomed.

During the discussion, or within 24 hours thereafter, the customer gets expert feedback on their risks and weak points, which require a more thorough investigation. Moreover, we provide them with initial recommendations and next steps plan, if need be, which implies a transition to Pre-Discovery Workshop.

Whether or not to make these steps towards the following phases of the project is up to you. It’s doubtless that after the Clarification Call you’ll get a better idea of current gaps in your business processes and see any possible room for improvement.

Leave us a note if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our project delivery approach. Our sales specialists are ready to provide you with comprehensive advice and to find the right team for your project implementation!

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Anna Vasilevskaya
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