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The idea that your business can benefit from technological solutions has already settled in your mind, but do you still fail to picture the whole project? Seriously, that’s ok. According to Delivery-as-a-service (DaaS) approach, a project is divided into particular phases. The thing is to work properly on these phases so that, in the end, they will create a seamless scheme.

Each phase paves the way for the next one, making the project more stable. At the same time,  it becomes more valuable in itself, as it provides the customer with a real, obvious result of our work.

We have already defined the starting point of a project – which is a Clarification Call. The next important step, flowing naturally from the previous one, is a Pre-Discovery workshop. It is here, where we reconfigure the customer’s task from our expert perspective. This has become possible since we plunge into the business context of the customer to realize what their problems are.

As DaaS implies partnership, the Pre-Discovery workshop can be referred to as a core activity, which helps to start building up a trusting relationship with the customer. 

That’s just one of the numerous reasons why we have chosen the format of a workshop. Here are some others:

  • Live communication is a total win-win. It helps us understand the customer’s needs better, while the customer can evaluate our team’s knowledge and experience in person;
  • The encouragement of proactivity results in highlighting the problems and offering solutions;
  • A high level of involvement at an early stage gives the project a solid start; 
  • There is always participant interaction, which makes workshops dynamic and efficient;
  • The possibility to handle the questions as they arise and often turn them into group discussions, which will definitely clear up your vision on the current state of your business;
  • Open dialogue between participants reinforces fundamental concepts, while also providing fresh perspectives and varying methods;
  • The atmosphere that is lighthearted, exciting, and inspiring creates an environment where ideas flow freely, and people enjoy the process;

  • The capacity of the team is way bigger than that of one person and it often leads to new insights. It’s hardly possible that there is one person out there, who is confident and qualified enough to embrace all the functions;
  • Immediate feedback. There’s no need to wait for ages. Participants can exchange feedback, as well as the ideas, on the spot;
  • There’s a clear link between new ways of thinking, the workshop provides, and the motivation to move forward, it encourages.

The perks of the Pre-Discovery workshop are crucial for those who want to set their projects on the right track from the very beginning, as well as for those, overwhelmed by the number of problems they have. Our team is ready to prove that within each problem, there’s always an opportunity.

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Anna Vasilevskaya
Anna Vasilevskaya Account Executive

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