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One of the most important factors in choosing the right web development company is making sure the two companies are on the same page. That means setting expectations and goals between your company and its web developers and making sure both sides envision the same end goal.

At *instinctools, we keep open lines of communication to make sure we are always on the same page as our clients. We keep full transparency with clients through daily reporting and deep involvement in the client’s processes.

A few of our clients have recently reviewed us on Clutch, a ratings and review website for B2B service providers. Client feedback is so important to us at *instinctools, which is why we are grateful for these reviews. We’re proud of our Clutch ranking as a top web development company in Germany.

One of our most recent clients was a nonprofit healthcare organization called CANet. We helped the organization with custom software development, including a mobile application with associated dashboards and web portals. This client wanted to allow patients and healthcare professionals to track the flow of patient information more easily.

CANet gave us a perfect 5 stars and also noted that we actively suggested solutions for their company. At *instinctools, we always strive to be communicative and ensure that we’re meeting our clients’ goals.

The self-management healthcare app that we built for CANet was well-received at an industry event! We are going to continue on an IT project with CANet to optimize processes for patients and clinicians.

Read a full-text review from Dimitri Popolov, CANet Technical Lead, on Clutch.

Another satisfied client was Morebis, an advertising and marketing firm. We worked with them on app creation and development. An executive assistant at Morebis left the following review:

We are very glad this client acknowledged our professionalism, language proficiency, high-quality deliverables, and flexible pricing. Those are aspects of our business that we try to uphold, and getting that type of feedback helps us affirm that we’re doing things right!

There is another website called The Manifest, which is a guide for practical business wisdom about various B2B service providers. Of all the software developers in Germany, The Manifest lists us at the top!

You can find us on Visual Objects as well, where you can get a sense for some of the clients we have worked for.

We take client feedback very seriously, and we factor it into our business model so that we get better and better at what we do.

Contact us if you’d like to hear about how we can help your business grow with custom software/app/web development solutions!

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