is a primary language on Ethereum and on other private blockchains, such as Monax and its Hyperledger Burrow blockchain.

is compiled to bytecode that is executable on the EVM.

is designed around the ECMAScript syntax to make it familiar for existing web developers

is a statically typed language and has variadic return types

uses “contract” data structure, what helps to create and manage contracts easily

supports complex member variables for contracts including arbitrarily hierarchical mappings and structures

is flexible: to write smart contracts you may use a remix online compiler or download a command-line compiler on your PC. Both are free.

is constantly updating: new features and bug fixes are introduced on a regular basis.


Solidity allows the creation and execution of smart contracts for uses such as:

  • voting,

  • crowdfunding,

  • blind auctions,

  • multi-signature wallets,

  • and any other functionality as Solidity is Turing complete language.

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