Scala Programming language

Scala is a high-level language, which combines object-oriented and functional programming. Scala’s JVM and JavaScript runtimes help build high- performance systems with easy access to huge ecosystems of libraries and it’s static types let developers avoid bugs in complex applications.


General purpose

Scala is used for writing software in the widest variety of application domains.


Scala is designed to be brief and locanic.

Object oriented

Every variable and value which is used in Scala is implicitly saved as an object by default.


Scala provides a lightweight syntax for defining functions, it supports higher-order functions, it allows functions to be nested.

Statically typed

Scala binds the Datatype to the variable in its entire scope.


Scala can support multiple language constructs without the need of any Domain Specific Language (DSL) Extensions, Libraries, and APIs.


Scala compiles the code using scala compiler and converts code into Java Byte Code and Executes it on JVM.

Why to use Scala

Scala is capable to work with the data which is stored in a Distributed fashion. It accesses all the available resources and supports parallel data processing.

Scala supports Immutable data and it has support to the higher order functions.

Scala is an upgraded version of Java which was designed to eliminate unnecessary code. It supports multiple Libraries and APIs which will allow the programmer to achieve Less Down Time.

Scala supports multiple type Constructs which enables the programmer to work with wrappers/container types with ease.

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