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Amp up your digital presence with a stalwart Kotlin app development company by your side. When turning to *instinctools for web and mobile app development, you don’t have to rely on luck — we excel at strategizing Kotlin projects’ success.

Your gains

Reach Android, iOS,
web, and desktop
users with one programming language
Lower mobile projects’
costs by resorting
Speed up
the development process
to Java-based projects

Solidify your success with full-cycle Kotlin development services

Projectize new ideas or rewire existing apps – you can leverage both with *instinctools as your development partner.

Kotlin consulting

From idea validation to pre-deployment – we are ready to take on your project at any stage and create an enabling environment for your Kotlin app to conquer the market while fitting the budget. 

  • Zero in on the value objectives that matter most to your business and end users
  • Select Kotlin tech stack that resonates with your project needs
  • Draft an architecture overview and design concept
  • Outline a bit-by-bit development strategy for an MVP or full-featured product, with a focus on ROI
Server-side development

Our vast experience with Spring, Ktor, and other frameworks empowers us to build flawless and high-performing ecommerce solutions, healthcare systems, CMSs, online trading platforms, banking software, etc. As your development partner, we cover the business logic layer and tech-related hurdles so that you can shift your attention to overriding activities. 

  • Identity and access management
  • Database querying
  • API integrations
Full-stack Kotlin app development

As a mature Kotlin app development company, we handle the entire development process. Our seasoned experts use Spring, Ktor, and Javelin frameworks to provide hitch-free server-side logic and Jetpack Compose, IntelliJ IDE, and Kotlin UI DSL for crafting crispy user interfaces. 

  • Put a premium on backend development to ensure smooth navigation between layouts
  • Create frontend components, such as layouts and activities
  • Bridge the back end and front end with robust APIs
Native Android app development

Developing Android apps with Kotlin at their core is one of our major areas of expertise. Instinctools’ team focuses on the end users’ needs and keeps an eye on trailblazing technologies to deliver top-tier customer-facing and corporate mobile solutions.

Our Kotlin Android developers build on top of various frameworks, such as Kotlin Native, Android Studio, Gradle, and Kotlin Coroutines, and follow Android’s Material Design guidelines to create in-demand Android mobile apps.

  • UX/UI design to pack Kotlin apps with hallmark Android features
  • Multi-vendor development to expand distribution opportunities for your mobile solution
  • Third-party integrations with corporate apps, BI software, payment solutions, etc.
  • Pre-publishing app review to enable smooth publication across stores, such as Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery, Amazon Appstore, etc.
Multi-platform development

Be up for grabs on any platform and cut above the mediocrity backed with our knowledge of Kotlin Multiplatform kit. As part of Kotlin app development services, our dedicated team assists you in crafting cross-platform mobile and web apps, light-speeding their time-to-market.

  • Write source code as a foundation for future platform-specific binaries
  • Compile shared code for any platform you aim to cover
  • Enrich Kotlin apps with native executables if you want to benefit from platform-specific functions or classes
Java to Kotlin migration

If your Java-based solution exceeds the maintenance budget or fails to bring much-coveted ROI, we offer to take another crack by migrating to Kotlin. It runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), but unlike Java, this programming language guarantees easier and more affordable upkeep. Instinctools’ engineers are skilled both in Kotlin and Java development and arrange glitch-free migration.

  • Create migration boilerplates
  • Automate conversion of Java code into Kotlin
  • Provide post-conversion code logic and syntax review
Quality Assurance

Pulling ahead of the competition is only possible with well-calibrated software testing and ongoing app quality check-ups. Our QA engineers utilize JUnit, MockK, Espresso, and other Kotlin-compatible testing frameworks and libraries to ensure airtight security for your app.

  • Create robust and reusable test automation architecture
  • Run relevant types of functional and non-functional tests
  • Review testing strategy and policies
Maintenance and support

Instinctools’ Kotlin app developers are always on standby in case any quality or security issues occur. Within our Kotlin app development services, we provide on-demand and ongoing support with a wallet-friendly multi-tier approach to ensure you have full access to Kotlin’s extensive functionality at a reasonable cost. 

  • Upgrade Kotlin version
  • Review SLAs
  • Provide security patches
  • Take care of backups and disaster recovery plan
Kotlin app optimization and evolution

If your existing app calls for reinvention or evolution, we find the missing value and empower the solution to take center stage in the market. Instinctools’ growth-targeted Kotlin development services entail:

  • Manual and automated source code review
  • Code quality assessment
  • Growth opportunities investigation and evolution strategy preparation

Cut above the rest
with expert Kotlin developers by your side

Kotlin app development services to save on the iOS part of your multi-platform product

Harness the power of multi-platform development to jumpstart building MVP or a full-scale mobile app for different operating systems. If your solution strongly relies on hardware-related functionality, such as location, camera, Bluetooth, NFC, etc., and requires platform-native development, you still can benefit from Kotlin to spur the process while cutting down on the cost.

At *instinctools, we combine Kotlin development services with our profound expertise in Android and iOS platforms to help you redouble outcomes without paying extra. 

  • Kotlin app developers write shared code that covers the fundamental layer with platform-agnostic business logic and data models.
  • Android and iOS developers add platform-specific modules on top of the basis to ensure frictionless, responsive user interfaces for both operating systems.
  • Smooth integration between the shared and platform-specific code enabled by our well-versed expertise in Kotlin Multiplatform and seamless interoperability of the Kotlin language with Java and Swift.

Let's do the math: who do you pay for?

Native Android and IOS development
Business logic
Multi-platform development for Android and iOS
Business logic

Seize the market
with the help of our mobile app development company

We play Kotlin’s strengths to the fullest

As a Kotlin app development company that does exactly what it commits to, we harness our in-depth Kotlin language expertise to deliver winning results and propel you ahead of the pack.

FAANG-verified quality

World-class tech corporations, such as Google, Meta, Amazon, and Netflix, and other thriving companies like Uber, Pinterest, and Atlassian, have already brought Kotlin into their tech fold. Take advantage of our Kotlin app development services and join this pantheon.


Kotlin easily integrates with Java, Objective-C, and Swift, becoming a go-to option for developing robust multi-platform and Android apps. Coupled with our domain expertise in mobile and web development, it results in five-star, stable, and easy-to-maintain Kotlin applications.

Global community support

The programming language gets regular updates and constantly evolves to match businesses’ needs. Our best Kotlin app developers belong to the Kotlin community and contribute to its evolution by documenting new ways to hone app quality, functionality, and security.

Rapid development

When it comes to conciseness, Kotlin code is a step ahead of Java. Thanks to the reduced boilerplate code and simplified creation of data classes, the Kotlin app development process takes one-third less time.

Top-tier safety

As null safety is a default feature of Kotlin code, mobile solutions and web apps are safeguarded from runtime errors and immediate program crashes.

Grab your solid Kotlin development partner here

Six reasons to bank
*instinctools as your
Kotlin development company

The best bit of our development offering is its all-encompassing nature. A well-thought-out delivery model, tried-and-true project governance framework, and balanced emphasis on the tech and business sides set us apart from other Kotlin development companies.

Nailed-on expertise

As a leading Kotlin development company that has excelled in this programming language for almost a decade since its release in 2016, we walk the talk and provide battle-tested Kotlin app development services.

Growth-ready architecture

Scalability and maintainability of your Kotlin applications are the key priorities of our Kotlin development services. We create solutions that grow in lockstep with your business and its evolving needs.

Cooperation flexibility

Want to upsize the dedicated team ASAP? We have your back and can provide spare hands in two-three working days. To keep the project costs in check, we downsize the team back, when the need for extra Kotlin app developers goes.

On-time and on-budget delivery

Besides providing skilled developers, staying within the estimated expenses and timeline is a table stake when you choose *instinctools as your mobile app development company.

Value-first approach

Our entire team has a prime focus on unveiling ROI-generating opportunities and unveiling opportunities for your business growth.

Seasoned team of Kotlin developers

70% of *instinctools’ Kotlin app developers have earned their stripes as senior-level specialists and gained superior expertise in real-life Kotlin projects.

Book your dedicated Kotlin development team

Our Kotlin development toolkit

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Frameworks for Web, Backend, and Desktop Development
Libraries for Android
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Functional, Reactive Programming, and Asynchronous Libraries
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Is Kotlin enough for app development?

100% yes. As Kotlin is a Java-based programming language, Kotlin development services are a go-to option for native Android app development. Moreover, Kotlin development companies that excel in Kotlin Multiplatform kit and Compose Multiplatform framework can also craft Kotlin applications for iOS, Linux, Windows, etc.

Can I build an app with Kotlin?

Android, iOS, web, and any desktop applications (macOS, Linux, Windows, etc.) – that’s a range of solutions you can get when reaching out to a Kotlin development company. By leveraging this powerful programming language, you can cover native Android development and cross-platform app development.

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