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With over 20 years in custom development services and Microsoft standing partnership, our C# development company builds scalable, secure, and lightweight applications based on the C# language and .NET framework.

Your tech foundation made fitter, flatter, and faster with our C# development services

Whether it’s inception or post-deployment maintenance, our C# software development company can pick up the slack at any stage of your development journey. Our tech teams jump in with a full spectrum of C# development services so you can deliver high-performance applications, easier.

C# project initiation and strategy

Our team helps you define an optimal tech stack, design a scalable app architecture, and validate your idea with PoCs and prototypes. We also provide accurate estimates for your project and draw a detailed project roadmap.

End-to-end C# application development
With our full-cycle C# app development expertise, we help global companies address their business challenges and opportunities with the right technology. Our developers iteratively grow your digital products — up to deployment and beyond.
C# application debugging and enhancement

Underperforming software is not a strategic asset, it’s a burden. Bring in our C# development team to troubleshoot your existing applications, enhance their architecture, and integrate custom features or modules into your C# app.

C# code optimization

Improve the quality, maintainability, and efficiency of your code with our QA and code refactoring services. Our developers revitalize your codebase with their expert touch, pairing each change with comprehensive testing.

C# application integration

Application integration can be many things, but it’s never easy. Our C# app development company does the heavy lifting of integrating your on-premise applications with the ones in the cloud and connecting cloud systems with each other, ensuring the security and integrity of data.

Cloud migration for C# applications

Lower operational costs, increase app availability and facilitate innovation by migrating your assets to the cloud. We prepare your C# applications for migration and move them to AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or OVHCloud

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Building digital solutions at their finest, with our C# development team

As your tech partner, we’re right by your side supporting your innovation efforts, however far they’ll take you. Any platform, any complexity, any environment — we give our clients the confidence to aim high and turn their bold ideas into top-grade software applications.

Cloud applications

With 15+ years of Microsoft tech stack experience, our team is primed to turn your ideas into cloud-native apps. Tap into unmatched scalability brought forth by Microsoft Azure and build cost-efficient and easily maintainable business systems and consumer-facing solutions.

Enterprise systems

We’re here to find elegant solutions to your trickiest business challenges. Our developers take over the end-to-end process of C# enterprise application development and deliver reliable, efficient enterprise software with tailored user experiences at every touch point.

C# game development

Our firm grasp of Unity and tools like MonoGame and Visual Studio allows us to create games for consoles, PC, mobile, and VR/AR gear. From game porting to 2D and 3D game design, we help you co-develop chart-topping titles.

Desktop applications

Our .NET team builds industry-specific Linux, Mac, and Windows applications that meet your business and regulatory requirements. Whether it’s HMI software, an EHR platform, or billing software, we know our way around your industry context.

Web applications

Equipped with technologies like ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework, our developers help you glide through C# web development projects and build a secure and user-friendly web app that works across devices.

Mobile applications

Rely on our C# mobile application development expertise to build cross-platform mobile apps. Whether it’s an Android app or C# iOS app development, our developers bank on the Xamarin framework and .NET MAUI to create sleek, native mobile apps.

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Capitalize on C# time⁠-⁠tested strengths with *instinctools

Bet on technologies that advance with your industry standards and make your infrastructure immune to disruptions and risks.

Cross-platform support

Build once, deploy everywhere. C# multi-platform development allows you to build cross-platform applications from a single codebase, saving you time and money on native development.

Strong typing
Thanks to its predictability and maintainability, C# code ushers in more structure into your applications. This makes it faster and easier for software engineers to spot and eliminate bugs early in the development.
Modern language features

Each version of C# takes in new features to support emerging workloads and software design practices. From collection expressions to default lambda parameters, the language evolves to simplify building innovative, future-proof applications.

Rich library support

As a part of the .NET framework, C# comes with a raft of canned features. Mobile apps, desktop apps, cloud-based services, or enterprise software — C# gives you a head start on any of these projects.

Great tooling

From user interface tools and frameworks to IDEs and testing tools, there is a slew of C# tools developers can call at a whim to simplify software development, facilitate testing, and build automation environments.

Versatility for various types of applications 

The technology enables you to target applications running on mobile platforms, desktop devices, enterprise servers, and microservices. No need to juggle tech stacks, just build on top of the .NET core.

Security and performance

With built-in mechanisms such as encryption libraries and type safety, C# helps developers catch app security threats early and validate user input, making your applications more secure and cyber-resilient.

Grow your business on a solid foundation of C# and .NET

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What is C# best used for?

C# is a general-purpose language, which means it’s highly applicable across application domains. Thanks to inbuilt garbage collection, C# improves overall program stability — an edge especially important for large-scale, enterprise systems. C# rapid application development puts companies up for a quick start on their project, while C# backend development is a go-to option for building a simple, readable, and high-performance foundation for digital solutions.

You can also use .NET and C# mobile app development to develop native apps for the millions of Android, iPhone, and iPad devices around the world.

Is C# good for mobile development?

Due to its similarity with Java, C# mobile development is ideal for powering Android mobile applications. Along with C# Android app development, the language is compatible with iOS mobile development software, allowing you to implement native code for your mobile apps regardless of their platform. Moreover, Unity and C# mobile game development is one of the most widely used combinations for developing new titles. 

Can I use C# with HTML and CSS?

Yes, you can combine C# and .NET to develop fast and secure websites based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

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