SCADA for Heat Control Units


We needed to develop a remote data acquisition system with heat metering and regulation devices. Based on the data acquired and energy consumption analysis of its consumption indicators in certain houses, was to be adjusted the work of the regulation equipment.


  • We built a data acquisition system using interface Ethernet converters. Metering and regulation devices are connected to the converters. We made this decision because heat metering and regulation devices are located in the same houses where, in most cases, data communication networks are installed.

  • We developed a software package that consists of a data acquisition and long storage system, with a user interface accessible via web.


sliders-h-regular (2)
Constant control of heat metering and regulation equipment
globe-regular (1)
Access to user interface via the web
Possibility to adjust the work of equipment
clock-regular (1)
Possibility to acquire data remotely and provide long-term storage


Danfoss ECL
Landis+Gyr Ultraheat 2WR
Web-based SCADA
Advantech 4000

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