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About the project

An analysis tool we had worked with is a client and server-side software, integrated into such development environments as Eclipse, Visual Studio and IntelliJ IDEA. Developers can be sure of building security from the very start and of detecting vulnerabilities as they appear, hence they can be fixed immediately. This analysis tool is a lightweight static analysis tool that detects vulnerabilities automatically and provides just-in-time security guidance to your developers in the process of coding. With this tool you can eliminate common security errors before they are committed to the code base or released to the public.


  • Implement a plugin from the very beginning until the end with very strict deadlines of product delivery (5 months)

  • Creating plugins for IntelliJ IDEA was not a piece of cake, as it’s quite a narrow specialization area. It was new for us, but the challenge was handled successfully, meeting all customer objectives

  • We had to carry out a huge refactoring of the Eclipse plugin code to make the code scanner much faster than it was. And we’ve achieved magnificent improvements: about 50 times faster

Fast analysis

Analysis tool plugins can scan large projects with thousands of files in just a few seconds

Fits a Modern Agile Process
Sustain the tight feedback loops that you need for a modern agile environment
Builds Security Skills Every Day
Educate your developers about best practices in secure coding without leaving the coding environment
Customizes to your Organization
Create custom rules and guidance to support your enterprise-specific policies


Java 7/8
Java Concurrency.
Java FX
Visual Studio
IntelliJ IDEA

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