Consolidated Content Pool For a Venture Capital Company

How adopting a robust content pool with advanced content reuse mechanisms empowered a venture capital company to publish their diverse content from a single source across various target media simultaneously.

*instinctools delivered a consolidated content pool to Burda Digital Systems based on single-source principles. Using the new generation of the GateOne Framework an allpurpose, future-proof platform for integration, standardization and distribution of information has been created.


Hubert Burda Media ranks among the pioneers implementing cross-media strategies and consequently counts on connecting online and print media in order to profit from integrated information, synchronized multimedia offerings and clustered journalistic competency.

Such strategies rquire robust and flexible solutions ensuring cross-company storage and distribution of contents.


To put this strategy to action Burda Digital Systems decided for an Information Management solution provided by *instinctools, which consolidates data of diverse, customer specific software applications in a single data base without changing data structure or content inside the source systems.

This solution developed by *instinctools, an IT company based in Stuttgart, takes care of standarizationand integration of several media formats and offers a variety of interfaces for further distribution out of the consolidated content pool.

The system is suited for complex data integration and persues the principle of single-source publishing. This means publishing contents from a single source to various target media in different context. The same media element can simultaneously be used in online portals and printed magazines.

The system is freely expandable. Synchronisation and conversion interfaces facilitate flexible connection of additional data sources.


The project for Burda Digital Systems has been implemented by means of the latest generation of the GateOne framework. The modular application infrastructure of GateOne makes it a flexible, powerful and future-oriented platform for individual solutions.


Consolidated data


Fast reaction to new customers

Channel selection

Enhancements possible

No change in existing systems

New exports without programming

Supplying actual content to the portal TV Today ( is the first mission for this solution. It is individually selected and prepared.

Thanks to its comfortable user interface content packages can easily and efficiently be defined. New customers can be served on the spot as development of specific extract- and conversion programs are rendered unnecessary. Delivery of information can be managed manually, on-demand or automated by scheduler.

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