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Backed by *instinctools, Bonnet has designed an electric vehicle (EV) charging app to remove the stress and hassle from finding the nearest available electric car charging points, and turn it into more of a treat than a chore. By using this application on Android and iOS, drivers can find and route to available electric vehicle charging points, start and stop the charge, and pay for their charging sessions.

About Bonnet

Bonnet’s aim is to revolutionise the EV charging app experience, and make electric car charging easier, more efficient and super-accessible. With Bonnet, you don’t need a separate card and app for every charging point provider as they’ve brought a whole load of them together in one place, with more stations joining every day.

How it went

After the project implementation, we talked to the CEO of Bonnet, Patrick Reich:

Instinctools was the company that developed our Minimum Viable Product. It was the first version that we launched to our customers, and, of course, its quality had to be very high. We wanted a certain guarantee that after having tried the product for the first time, they would continue to use it. So the expectations were very high for the quality of the initial app. I think *instinctools did a good, a great job, really, ensuring those expectations to be met.

Mr. Reich especially highlighted how successful the communication was during the project:

Communication channels were crystal-clear, we had regular catch-ups – very transparent as well. They told us explicitly what they were going to do, we agreed on the scope of different sprints, and then, at the end of those sprints, they were truly specific while showingus what they’d delivered and if there were questions or problems along the way, they clarified them really quickly thanks to transparent communication.

Software product development mindset – this is what start-up founders look for, when selecting the right technology partner. This is the approach allowing tech team be on the same page with founders and deliver the MVP in a short time. Instinctools work helped Bonnet enter the market promptly and form the basis of successful fast-growing tech business. Bonnet – is one of the beloved start-up projects for Instinctools, from the long list of our start-up customers on the both sides of the Atlantic.

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