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Boston, MA, April 22-26, 2024 — *instinctools participated at the prestigious Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) East 2024, AI Expo & Demo Hall. This year’s event, a cornerstone for AI enthusiasts and professionals, welcomed over 3,800 participants and featured 40 insightful talks and demonstrations. The conference included seven networking events, providing a fertile ground for discussions on the latest AI developments and strategic insights crucial for business growth decisions around AI solutions.

Far from being new to AI technologies, *instinctools has been delivering a comprehensive suite of machine learning services, including use case identification, risk assessment, model training, and MLOps. Yet, we thrive on the synergy and power of co-innovation, which is why we continually seek new knowledge and inspiration from our peers at forums like this.

The conference served as a platform for attendees to absorb knowledge from leading minds in the AI community through their keynotes and presentations. These sessions offered a deep dive into AI adoption strategies and the intricate build vs. buy decisions in various sectors, including but not limited to finance and healthcare.

Alexey Spas, CEO of *instinctools, commented on the value of the experience, stating:

Attending ODSC East 2024 allowed us to immerse ourselves in the forefront of AI development. The insights gained here are invaluable for aligning our strategies with the cutting-edge trends in AI.

Chad West, Managing Director at *instinctools USA, highlighted the importance of community and networking at the event:

The opportunity to connect with hundreds of data science and AI experts has been incredibly enriching. It’s essential for us to be part of this vibrant community, building relationships that help us move in lockstep with data science front-runners.

Visitors to the AI Expo & Demo Hall had the opportunity to explore a wide array of AI solutions showcased by industry leaders. These included advancements in Auto ML, Data Labeling, DevOps, DataOps, and more, providing a comprehensive overview of the benefits and challenges of different AI implementation pathways.

The event also covered essential topics through partner sessions, focusing on Generative AI, Large Language Models, Machine Learning & Deep Learning Platforms, MLOps, and Data Analytics. These sessions were designed to furnish attendees with practical insights on how to effectively integrate data science and AI into their operations.

Instinctools’ participation in ODSC East 2024 underscores our commitment to staying connected with the latest developments in AI and leveraging these insights to enhance our service offerings. The event proved to be a productive and insightful experience, solidifying *instinctools’ place within the global data science community.

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