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The world will never be the same – the phrase we often repeated after the pandemic hit, acquired a way more dismal meaning. We are witnessing the war that should have never happened, and, yet, it did. 

Although life is not black-and-white, there aren’t and can’t be any shades of this darkness just as there can’t be any reaction to it other than condemnation of people’s massive sufferings.

*instinctools condemns the war in Ukraine. We stand against any form of violence. We understand the concerns and fears of our employees and their families seeking safety and peace and made it our number one priority to ensure the security of those directly impacted. 

As an international company operating in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia-Pacific region we ensure to continue service delivery for our clients according to our service level agreements. An essential pillar of these efforts is our robust IT infrastructure in the EU and the USA, equipped with appropriate security and backup/recovery precautions.

*instinctools has existed for more than 22 years, and we have overcome a number of crises and challenges. Like everyone else, we cannot predict the future. But we do believe that gloom will give place to light and the world will find the way to its balance.

We will use all our experience, knowledge, and energy to support our customers and employees at this difficult time.

Gunthilde Sohn,
*instinctools GmbH Managing Director

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