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We are excited to announce that the *instinctools development center in Kazakhstan has become a resident of Astana Hub – Central Asia’s largest international technology park!

It opens up new opportunities for *instinctools: the growth of the development center in Central Asia, expansion of our team, and knowledge-sharing with the local IT community and experts.

Our residence in Astana Hub will strengthen *instinctools’ footprint in the region and make the offering for our Asian clients and partners more compelling.

Just as it is with our offices and development centers in the USA, Germany, and Poland, the new development center in Central Asia’s largest international technology park enables us to create a cohesive service network and further bolster our service capabilities in this region and this timezone.

We are happy to use our global network advantages, coupled with local professional experience, to provide uninterrupted services to our clients worldwide.

About Astana Hub

The mission of Astana Hub is to become a center for developing innovative projects, producing breakthrough IT companies, and attracting a critical mass of young and talented IT specialists from all over the world. The Astana Hub infrastructure’s main objective is to consolidate technology business on a cluster basis by providing an advanced material infrastructure.

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Anna Vasilevskaya
Anna Vasilevskaya Account Executive

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